Performance-Driven Culture in Tech

Learn the Key Practices Followed By Leading Tech Companies

Our Keynote Speaker: Sumit Guha "Entrepreneur and Technologist"

Sumit Guha is currently the Vice President of Engineering at Newscred. He did his MA, Physics from University of California, Berkeley and B.Sc., Physics from Imperial College London. Mr. Guha has 20+ years of experience in the Tech industry with hands-on experience in building Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) businesses. He has been instrumental in NewsCred's success over the last two years which has been fuelled by his performance-driven principles. He has held C-level positions in leading global organizations such as IBM, Accenture and Zuora. He was also an executive producer of TEDx San Francisco.

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Performance-Drive Culture in Tech with Sumit Guha

Sunday, March 27th, 5pm

NewsCred Office: Green Grandeur, Plot 58/E (13th Floor), Kamal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka

Performance-driven cultures have always been the key to success for global tech companies. According to Gartner, Inc performance driven culture is one of four disciplines required for a successful pattern based strategy.Creating such a motivated perceptiveness of employees is not always an easy task, and often takes a lot of trial and error before finding out what works for your organization.

Learn about Sumit's real life experiences and his 5 key practices, for creating a performance-driven culture.


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