The American Civil War

Ingredients And Preparation!


5 Pounds Of Slavery

1 Pound of Industrial Revolution

1/2 Pound Fugitive Slave Law

3 Quarters cup of Westward Expansion

5 Teaspoon Kansas Nebraska Act

1/2 cup Bleeding Kansas

1 Teaspoon Of John Brown

A sprinkle of Abraham Lincoln


First, Pour 5 Pounds of Slavery into a bowl.

Second, Mix Slavery with a sprinkle Of Abraham Lincoln.

Add a Pound of Industrial Revolution.

Next Take a Separate Bowl and add 1 Teaspoon of John Brown, and a Half Cup of Bleeding Kansas.

Mix until smooth.

Now Take the First bowl and add it to the second bowl.

Gently Fold in ingredients.

Finally Mix 1/2 Pound Of Fugitive Slave Law, 3 Quarters Cup of Westward Expansion, and 5 Teaspoons of Kansas Nebraska Act.

Get a flat Pan and pour the two bowls repeatedly in a pattern on top of each other.

Bake at 350 degrees for 3 hours!
Now you have The American Civil War!

Some Pictures :)

How did Your Civil War Come Out?

By: Danielle McGovern / Period: 3