IE Business School - The N1 Yearbook

I miss you Sharmouts. Yala, come to Brazil!

Madrid period was amazing! Hope to stay in close touch and lets make this one a tradition!

Lesley O'Connor

Let me know if you're EVER coming to/near Ireland - open invitation to stay a few nights with us :) And have a *blast* at the reunion - I'll be there in spirit.

Jooyoon Lee

Miss you all!

Hicham Elhorr

You are all invited to my wedding!

Nitish Kaul

I know I have been terrible at staying in touch with most of you (I am also not on Facebook), but there is not a day when I do not thank God for the awesome experience I had at IE. And a big part of that experience was made up of all my batch mates - all of you! Thank you to each one of you. :)

Paolo de Pascale

Miss you all and the incredible moments we lived together

Verity Noble

If you're in Colorado please come visit us!

Prateek Singh

MBA with all of you was probably the best year of life. Let us cherish memories and continue to keep in touch.

Cristiano Panfili

I always keep jealously everything I learnt from you guys during the classes, the studying and the social life in Madrid: in this 5 years I really realized that my MBA investment paid back so much thanks to you, N1!

Joao Magalhaes

Santiago Macias

Miss u all!! Have fun...hope to see you soon!!

Mitsuru Nakayama

Im very much looking forward to seeing you all!!!!

Clement Akiki

Can't wait to see you guys

Valentina Cattaneo

Looking forward for seeing you soon ... what about organizing the next reunion in Italy :)?

Alejandro Troll

Its sad that I cannot make it to see you all in Madrid, but hopefully I'll see some of you somewhere in the world, and pls drop a message whenever you are in São Paulo!! Hugs!

George Theodoridis

Hope the best for everyone!

Tongwoo Kim

Akanksha Agarwal

Congratulations to all the parents!

Maggie Georgieva

I am incredibly jealous of all of you who will make the reunion. I will be thinking about the parties, Gabana and all the fun you will have while I sweat over my work computer. Please, be nice and have one or two beverages for me too!

Paolo Dina

When do we all move back to Madrid???

Carlos Morales

Let's not wait 4 more years to see each other! Great to see how everybody is doing and how our IE family is growing. Keep in touch, or at least chat to each other!

Clare Ann Kim

Love you guys. It was so great time with you all in Madrid. Miss you!!

Maryam Abdullah

Paul Solomon

Wisdom is knowing you are not wise haha - that one stayed with me. I'm terrible at keeping in touch but always delighted to catch up with old friends and I'm always reachable on my mobile (+44 7763612790).

Kent Andres

Sandra Morris

It's awesome to see you all doing great all over the world! I hope we can meet again soon! Be happy and enjoy life :)

Bruno Vergottini

Sti cazzi....

Markus Schwarz

Guys, our time in Madrid was an amazing experience. I'm terribly sorry for not being able to join the reunion, but my clients, baby and travel just keeps me busy all the time. Will be there for the 10th anniversary for sure!

Olivier Barents

Rajat Rosha

Cristina Fernández

Hadi Radwan

I miss you

Andre Magnani

Y'all the best people on the planet.

Brett Jensen

Texas can offer you a better life, consistent economic growth with the lowest risk in the world, all the beef you can eat and all the milk you can drink.

Narayan Adeeb

Won't be able to make it, guys. Have a blast, wish you all the best, and hope to catch you guys sometime in your own hideouts. Cheers.

Andrea Carrow

Damn, I wish I could make it to the reunion! I have such fond memories of crappy coffees from the machine, Q Comes sandwiches, late night study sessions, jamming out case reports, early mornings dances in Petalos/ Gabana -- and walking across the graduation stage with you all! Very special experiences that I like to remember often. I am bummed I cannot join this reunion -- have so much fun! Les mando gran abrazos y besos (and two kisses to my small groupmates, even you Olivier). Be good or be good at it ~

Satoko Hasegawa

Tiziana Albacete

Fabrizio Luongo

I miss you guys. Although it's likely I won't be able to make it for this 5 years anniversary, you all live in my heart.

Manuel Macedo Santos

I really hope you still know how to party after more than 4 years! Can't wait to check!

Juan Diego Gonzalez


La vida pasa rapido

José Silva

I'm very glad to meet and share with all of you during our IE experience. Nowadays for us is difficult to travel and meet you guys, however, I know that all of you are going to have lots of fun ove there. Hope to see you soon and you are always welcome here in Chile, so let me know if you come here. I hope that all of you are great and growing as professionals, families, persons, etc. A big hug from Chile. Many thanks to all the organizer and always have fun.

Daniel Herrera

Hope to see you all soon! Won't be able to make it to the reunion, but hopefully we can arrange another one soon or see each other somewhere else. Cheers!

Gustavo Arguello

I promise to let you know when I'm in your country if you promise to let me know when you're in mine. Much love. You are a fantastic smattering of humans!

Regina Hernandez

Miss you all and I really wish I was there to join you for the reunion!

Jasmina Stanojevich

Miss you all!

Nivolás Pombo

Come visit any time!

Konstantin Kulakov

Gulnar Hajiyeva

Ismail Kandil

Roxanne TZU AN Chen

I miss you guys badly! The year in Madrid is one of my wonderful years so far. It's you guys make Madrid become Madrid....

Miguel Piedrahita

It is a shame I´m new in office and hence I wasn´t able to join

Sandra Boghos

I miss you all very much. I hope you are having a blast!

Raquel Oliveira

We shared an incredible year together! It contributed greatly to my personal and professional development. Thank you all! Hope to see you all soon.

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Some are still missing! Hopefully we will add Boris, Justin, Clarissa and whoever else is missing soon.