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For the Week of Dec 12, 2022

Working together; succeeding together.

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As treaty people, we acknowledge the privilege and honor of sharing Treaty 6 territory with the traditional inhabitants; the Cree, Dene, Nakota, Sauteaux, Ojibway, and Metis Nation, Eastern Region II. We are thankful that we can use this land and all that it offers for our sustenance and the sustenance of our families.

We acknowledge the harm of colonialism and the residential school system and commit to working together toward reconciliation and forging a better path forward.

Reducing Stress

Once we have, as teacher and parents, worked with our children/students to recognize their stressors, it is then time to attempt to reduce those stressors. There are some occasions when stressors can be removed or eliminated, but these are rare indeed. Most of the time, we must work with students to find ways to reduce their stressors. The ways in which a student can reduce stressors are as varied as the students themselves and what works one day, may not work the next. All we can hope to do is equip them with an arsenal of strategies that they can use to combat the stressors in their lives. Some examples are listed below.

If the student is in the hyperaroused state...

- dim the lights

- take some deep breaths

- engage in routine activities or monotonous chores (do the dishes).

- chew gum

- do some preplanned work

- listen to calming music

- use lavender scents

If the student is in the hypoaroused state...

- listen to loud/fast music

- get up and move (dance, jump, jog)

- use citrus or peppermint scents

- drink coffe

- laugh (watch a funny movie)

- increase breathing rate

- stretch your spine

- each crunchy food

- tap (on your legs, face, chest)

When using any strategy, it is important that the student (or adult) recognize their state of calm and regulation.

If the student is in the window of tolerance (regulated)...

- aware of self, others and time

- rationale and reasonable

- curious and open to challenges

- able to show empathy

Seen Around PPCS

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Health Science is Sweet ... sort of.

The Health Science students worked diligently last week building models of glucose and fructose. Very simple biological molecules, but complex to build. They had to ensure that the geometry of each atom was correct. Then they were tasked with combining them using their knowledge of dehydration synthesis to produce a molecule of sucrose (table sugar). Everyone succeeded.
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Hot Lunch Punch Cards

Bear Bites is happy to introduce a punch card program for our hot lunches at the school. For $20, families can purchase a punch card good for 5 meals. They can be purchased online using the button below. If you would prefer to pay cash, please have your child bring the money to Mrs. Smith at the front office. We will keep the cards at the Bear Bites canteen and punch them when your child gets a meal.

Please allow 2 school days to process punch card purchases.

Bear Bites Punch Card Draw

Each month, we will put all of the finished punch cards into a draw for a free lunch.

The winner for the month of November: Harlyn Norum

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Our Day

8:50 - warning bell rings - students line up and come inside.

8:55 - class bell rings.

9:00 - Oh Canada and morning announcements.

12:10 - lunch bell rings - grades K-3 eat and go outside at 12:30, grades 4-6 go outside and eat at 12:30

12:50 - lunch warning bell rings - students come inside

12:55 - class bell rings

3:05 - high school dismissal bell rings

3:25 - elementary dismissal bell rings

GO Time

For our high school students they may be released at 3:05 provided they are done all of their work. From 3:05-3:25 is called GO Time (Gift Of Time), which is time when students can work one on one with a teacher to get work done. It is our expectation that students are not planning anything (ie. work shifts) for the 3:05-3:25 time as teachers may request them to stay and complete unfinished work.

Next Staff vs. Student is Jan 27

Upcoming Events

Dec 12 - PJ Day and Hot Chocolate (at lunch) Please bring you own cup if you can.

Dec 13 - Christmas Pageant

Dec 14 - New 2U Christmas Shopping (grades 1-5)

Dec 15 - New 2U Christmas Shopping (K)

Dec 20 - High School Bonspiel and Skating

Dec 21 - Skating Day

Dec 22 - Christmas Dinner / Last Day of Classes

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Athletes and Voluteer of the Month

Volunteer of the Month - Mrs. Steiestol

Mrs. Steiestol brings a positive vibe and an eagerness to help out with several of our Athletic events at the school. If she cannot be there in person she does a great deal of behind-the-scenes work before events. She specializes in hunting down and organizing the canteen grub. She takes an interest and can be found regularly asking coaches and students young or old about the results of their hockey or volleyball game the evening prior. Thank you Mrs. Steiestol for all that you do for Bears Athletics and PPCS.

Athletes of the Month


If the Sr Boy Bears are a topic of discussion then J.B will be the first player other teams are talking about. Many teams have tried but few have been successful to change his game which is quite simple but effective. Work harder, smarter, and faster than the opponent. He defines leading by example and is very humble in his efforts by putting others before himself. J.B looks after the team captain duties such as jersey laundry, room, and van checks. If you have not seen him play, get here and get your popcorn.

Ferdinand Fransisco

If teams can weather the scoring of J.B they cannot escape the defensive lockdown of Ferdinand. He is a nightmare come true for the opposition’s top player often taking that player out of any meaningful contribution. It is questionable if we have ever had a player work as hard as him as his hustle and drive are unmatched on the floor. About 71% of the Earth is covered by water the other 29% is covered by Ferdinand.

Team Schedules

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Home Games

Senior Boys Bball

Dec 12 @5:00 vs. Carrot River

Junior Girls Bball

Dec 14 @5:00 vs. Melfort 1

Junior Boys Bball

Dec 15 @5:00 vs. Nisto

** Games may start earlier if teams arrive, our goal is to get them home as early as possible.

Hot Lunches

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Jigs and Carolines are Back

Once again, Jigs and Carolines will be offering hot lunches on Wednesday and Friday. Please order directly from them. Please note: ALL JIGS ORDERS MUST BE PLACED THROUGH THE GOOGLE FORM BELOW.

It's going to be a #wonderFULLyear