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Visalia Unified/November 2021

Director's Corner

As we enter a season dedicated to gratitude, I’d like to take this opportunity to share the work of the VUSD College and Career Readiness Team. I’m so thankful to spend my working days with a dedicated and passionate team of professionals who work so hard to ensure our VUSD students are college and career ready at the end of high school.

  • Work Based Learning Coordinator Carina Mello applied for a WalMart grant to fund scholarships for our students who have served as interns, and we received $2,000! I’m so grateful for her efforts to help our graduates.

  • Work Based Learning Coordinator Theresa Polich has been working for months to secure paid internships for high school students. These internships provide such a valuable opportunity for real-world experience and the pride of earning a paycheck.

  • CCR Counselor Paige Loverin has been reaching out to students, teachers, and parents and hosting impactful, engaging events that allow even our youngest students space to think about their futures. And there are many more events in the future!

  • District Counseling Assistant Alma Hurtado makes sure our field trips run smoothly. We’ve had a number of field trips in the past month, and Alma’s work to plan and organize these events has benefited so many students!

  • CCR Administrative Assistant Linda McClure is the first face visitors to the CCR office see, and she always creates a warm and welcoming environment in our office. She will retire at the end of October, and we wish her so much joy in this new chapter of her life.

  • CTE Coordinator Ryan Waters exemplifies our vision of helping all to find a path to success and happiness. He has been working to ensure our teachers have all the tools they need to provide powerful lessons to their students, and now he is moving on to an admin position at the Visalia Adult School. We will miss him, and we wish him much success and happiness in the future! Thank you for all you’ve done for VUSD students.

May this season bring success and happiness to all in our VUSD community!

Ignite Your Curiosity: The Science Edition

Here is an event just for the future scientist! The career possibilities are endless when it comes to the sciences. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Careers are far cooler than we give them credit. Join us each month to see what cool science jobs actually look like.

This month we will be joined by a zookeeper, Tiffany James who just returned from doing field work in Kenya this past month. She is going to talk about the science behind animal welfare, her work with the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (a primate conservation organization), and her work at Ol Pejeta Conservancy doing rhino conservation.

Join us on Wednesday, November 10, at 6:00 PM.

Click Here to register for the event. The week before the event, you will receive an email containing the webinar link. Click here to see our previous events.

Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)

California Community College Students have a unique opportunity to guarantee their admission to six of the University of California (UC) campuses. Davis, Santa Barbara, Irvine, Santa Cruz, Riverside, and Merced offer the TAG program to those that meet the qualifications. To learn more about this opportunity visit their website or view this video.

UC Application Center

The UC Application provides help and support throughout each section of the application. Applicants can view answers to their commonly asked questions on each page of the application by clicking ‘Help’ on the top navigation bar. Additionally, applicants will see blue ‘i’ icons throughout the application. By clicking on the blue ‘i’ icon, applicants will see a definition, explanation, or more context for a question. Lastly, students needing further assistance can contact the UC Application Center via phone or email. The UC Application Center is available, Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm (Pacific Time).

COS Foundation: Scholarship Opportunity

Are you a current high school student or first-time college student? Are you planning to become a Fall 2022 incoming (first-time) student at COS? If yes, there are two steps to applying for all Current Inside Scholarships through the COS Foundation.

Step 1: October 4, 2021 – November 22, 2021 – Submit New Student Scholarship Application.
Step 2: Admissions Application – Submit College of the Sequoias Application for Admission.

*Fall 2022 incoming (first-time) students – You do not have to submit your Application for Admission before submitting your scholarship application. However, failure to complete both applications by their corresponding due dates can jeopardize your opportunities for scholarships.


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