Bearcat Brief

April 21, 2017

Notes from Niki

Thanks to all of your hard work in the classrooms all year and your ability to "go with the flow" testing is off to a good start. Our kids are working their tails off. I want to give a special shout-out to Special Ed- they have a ton of kids to test and I read one session out loud and it left me a little bleary eyed- they will do it for 2 weeks, not to mention Ms. Pat and Ms. Carol holding down the for with the non-testing kids.

I am certainly reminded this week of some of my Positive Coaching Training- there are only 2 things you can truly control- your effort and your attitude. You can't spend a lot of time worrying about those things outside of your areas of control.

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Upcoming Events


April 20- Insurance Meetings @ Central Office

April 20- 7/8 Grade Track @ Linn Relays

April 22- Earth Day

April 26- Administrative Professionals Day

April 26- Summer School Meeting

April 27- 7/8 Grade Track @ South Callaway Relays

April 28- Honor Society Film Festival at The Showboat

April 29- 7/8 Grade Track @ Pacific