Sudie News

Week of May 4, 2015

Principal's Message

  • This week is teacher appreciation week. You are making a difference with our students each day that you step foot at Sudie Williams. There are so many kind and generous acts that teachers do each day that go unnoticed. I am here to tell you that I know that in any given day you ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE by:
    • buying school supplies out of your own pocket for students that are unable to afford their own.
    • taking time to console or talk to a student about a problem at home that they were willing to share with you.
    • spending countless hours finding the best way to reach a student because you love to see their light bulb come on!
    • mentoring students that do not have anyone at home to talk to.
    • encouraging and motivating students to believe in themselves.
    • greeting them with a warm smile , a hand shake or a high five.
    • rewarding and celebrating their efforts.

    Thank you teachers for the big and little things that may go unnoticed but that are making the difference in the life of a child! I can never thank you enough for what you do but please know that the little tokens of appreciation you will receive this week are just a simple and humble way of letting you know that I appreciate you! Enjoy your special week! You deserve it!

    How did a teacher change your life?

    This week as we celebrate teacher appreciation week take time to respond to this question on a post it and stick it in the staff bulletin board that leads to the parking lot. Don't forget to share this with your students. They love to hear our stories. They get inspired and motivated.

    Leaders are Everywhere!

    This week we continue with a yearly tradition of unveiling next school year's theme during teacher appreciation week, by allowing teachers and staff to dress up and have fun with the new theme. Next year's theme is "Leaders are Everywhere." The FSAC came up with a list of leaders you can choose to dress up as this week! Have fun with it and I can't wait to see "Leaders Everywhere" this week!

    You are welcome to dress up as a leader in politics, Sports, Arts/Entertainment, Social Justice/Humanitarian, Technology. Remember to speak to your classes about who you are dressed up as and how they are a leader.

    TAG teacher of the Week

    This week the TAG teacher of the week is Ms. Ana Fernandez in room 216. Take time this week to stop by her room and observe her for a few minutes. The more teachers you are able to observe the more ideas you can get that you and your students will benefit from.

    Climate Survey

    The climate survey has already been emailed . We have until May 7th to complete it. Please take time to complete it as soon as possible. The April Jean Day has expired. As of Friday we were at 50% completion. Only 4 more days to respond to it so that we can reach our 90% goal so that everyone can wear jeans for the rest of the year!


    Mr. Gatlin not only has chickens but now he has a chicken coop! He went on a chicken coop tour this weekend and won a chicken coop! Woo Hoo! Pretty soon Sudie Williams will not only have fresh produce but fresh eggs as well! Great job Mr. Gatlin for finding ways to extend students learning beyond the classroom!


    Law-Abiding- to choose to obey the law

    The word of the week will be read in the auditorium. Have the designated student(s) in the auditorium by 7:45.

    Quote of the Week:

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    May 4

    GC Meeting @ 3:15 in the library bring needs assessment results

    May 5


    May 6

    ITBS/Logramos Meeting @ 3:15


    Soccer Game Williams vs. Pershing @5:30 Webb Chapel

    May 7

    FSAC planning meeting for 2015-2016

    May 8

    Field Day

    May 9

    Job Fair


    May 11-15

    ITBS/Logramos testing

    May 12

    5th grade Reading STAAR 2nd round

    May 13

    ACP testing meeting