Robert Thomas Velline (Bobby Vee)

By:Joey Wolfe

Fun Facts about Robert Thomas Velline

  • Bobby Vee is just a nickname that was given by himself.
  • His real name is Robert Thomas Velline Just listen to his music.
  • In the 1950's everybody loved his band albums and singles.
  • He was in The Idol - The Story of Bobby Vee and that was his TV show.

Young Life

This is his birth of date: 04/30/1943. His true name was Robert Thomas Velline or as known as Bobby Vee. Bobby Vee is Robert's nickname for his music. He was born in Fargo,ND. He was just a normal kid. When he turned into a teenager he created a band. Their name was Shadow. After Robert created the band. Bobby Vee thought they should perform for Buddy Holly, but he died in a plane crash. Now Bobby wouldn't be famous for that action he did. He got famous for his music albums and singles he made.


He was over at the F.M. stereo to get his track situated from 1960. But he started in 1959 his first single was SOMA 1110. His second single was Liberty 55208. He was in a band with his brother and their friends. But they didn't have a name so when they got to a stage manager. The manager ask's them what is their name. Bobby Vee answered the question he said Shadow's.


  1. 01/21/611 Rubber Ball London HL 1745
  2. 2/18/611 One Last Kiss London HL 1744
  3. 04/01/6121 Stayin In London HL 1778
  4. 06/03/614 Baby Face London HL 1818
  5. 09/23/612 Take Good Care Of My Baby London HL 1855
  6. 12/16/613 Run To Him London HL 1900
  7. 01/13/6216 Walking With My Angel London HL 1900
  8. 03/24/6223 Please Don't Ask About Barbara Liberty LIB 55419
  9. 06/10/6226 Punish Her Liberty LIB 55479
  10. 06/23/6226 Sharing You Liberty LIB 55451
  11. 12/22/623 The Night Has A Thousand Eyes Liberty LIB 55521
  12. 04/21/6334 Charms Liberty LIB 55530
  13. 11/22/6330 Yesterday And You Liberty LIB 55636
  14. 03/15/6429 I'll Make You Mine Liberty LIB 55670

His Life through the years

He lives in Tucson, AZ. He will be 72 on April 30, 2015. But back in the 1950's he was a hit. He is still alive. His field of jobs was in music. He is retired from the music business. From time to time he makes new songs with his band or friends. His work was in a R & B themed band. He was diagnosed with old-timers disease in 2011. He has over 70 records. He has 6 gold records. He also made a trip to Tucson, AZ but that trip turned in to a move with the family. On June 20, 1999 Bobby was presented with The Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award for his music. He has a website it is chocked full of information about his music and a biography. The band was made up of 3 teens and 2 brothers. His two loves are music and family in 2011. He was in Double Trouble, Play it Cool. He has been in several bands. His whole family was into music. When he was in high school he played saxyphone. He toured in the U.K. in 90's

Why Bobby Vee won an award?

His music was from 1959 to 2001. Bobby Vee and the Shadows were a hit in the 1950's and all the way up to 2001. Bobby Vee put his work first and succeeded with the band and his-self.
Death or Alive?

Lets hope he ain't dead.

Bobby Vee's Website

His website is about his career and himself

Map of Tuscon, Arizona

This is where Robert lives it is a huge town