eInteractive Home Theater Company

Home Theater Company Brings the Concept of Automated Systems to the Living Room and Beyond


Home Theater Company Brings the Concept of Automated Systems to the Living Room and Beyond

New York, NY (April 21, 2013) – The definition of home theater has gotten quite the makeover just in the past decade and with the advent of things like 3D home televisions and fully interactive touch-screen TVs, the home theater concept is evolving once again, bringing with it the promise of even more eye-popping high definition video, flawless audio and a theater-going experience that should make the local cineplex nervous.

One company in the tri-state area is taking these concepts a step further by not only providing the most state of the art options in home video and audio, but also introducing these innovative new technologies into the business market as well. Enter into the arena a company called eInteractive. Their purpose: to provide the ultimate home theater experience and to enhance the places where people do business through innovative video and audio technologies.

From the eInteractive website:

An automated system is defined by the combination of components from different systems integrated together to function as one easy to use system.”

These concepts are at the core of eInteractive's strategy and their commitment to being the best at what they do shows in the multidimensional media experiences they create.

From sound, picture, even lighting and climate control, eInteractive's focus is on creating the single most immersive media environment possible balancing cutting-edge technology with comfort and stability. If you are looking for components as home theater projectors, eInteractive both supplies and expertly installs them. They work with all the top brands including Runco Projectors, and can tailor a home theater experience that fits your taste as well as your budget.

For business, eInteractive provides the best in digital signage, fully automated climate control and lighting systems, presentation systems, hospitality, and business conferencing. They also provide expert networking and wiring systems.

With automated systems from industry-leading brands like Savant, Lutron and Universal and Runco Projectors, eInteractive is committed to providing the ultimate in automated systems for work or play. They can be reached with questions regarding installation and sales via World Wide Web, or by phone at locations in New York and New Jersey.

Contact Information:

Company Name: eInteractive Automated Systems

Phone Number: (New York) 646-397-2290 - (New Jersey) 201-579-0049

Website: http://www.einteractivehomes.com/

E-mail: info@einteractivehomes.com