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Challenging Tradition...

The Wrestling Dilemma

The Lake Highlands wrestling team year after year have proved to be the most successful sport at the school. They have also proved to be one of the most successful teams in the state placing fourth at the Texas State Duals. While this is a huge accomplishment for the team it serves as a blow to the Lake Highland High school morale. Lake Highlands students have come to embrace their high school's terrible athletics and aren't ready for a change. Davion Nolan, the varsity corner for the football team stated "I love the fact that we're terrible at sports, it's our tradition and simply what we're known for, messing around and sucking at everything we do makes high school fun and different. It really teaches a valuable life lesson, don't take anything serious, I mean why should we." Speaking to the principal of Lake Highlands about the dilemma he seemed to be in agreement with those who wish failure upon the wrestling team "I took in to consideration expelling the team from lake highlands after receiving death threats from hundreds of students." Only time will tell the wrestling team's fate.