Should your kids get Vaccinations

Should Vaccinations be manditory or a suggestion

The effects of the vaccination

Before the vaccination was invented, there were almost 60,000 cases of paralytic polio in the United States. Only six years after the first vaccine, the number dropped to 1,312. Ever since it was introduced it has been helpful for many people.

Why vaccinations should be manditory

In late December 2014, a huge measles outbreak spread because of kids getting not getting vaccinations. Most doctors don't understand why parents didn't get their kids vaccinated to prevent the outbreak. 3 to 4 million people used to contract the disease, but in 2012 there were a total of 55 cases.
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Why parents dont get there kids vaccinated

It is said that vaccinations can cause OCD, autism, and even down syndrome. Parents don't want this to happen to their kids, so they put them at risk with diseases.

Common questions

Q: am I putting others in danger by not getting my kids vaccinated

A: The sad answer is yes, not just your own child, but others as well

Q: should I go against my religion or opinion

A: if you think it would be good for your child, than yes