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January 2022

Important Dates to Remember!

1/10/22 - PTSA Meeting - see below for details

1/17/22 - Martin Luther King Day - NO SCHOOL

Happy New Year!

This time of year always conjures up the idea of resolutions. Resolutions, when we think about them, are really about setting goals and seeing them through. The easier part of the process may be picking something to change or deciding on a goal. To be persistent is probably the harder thing to do. Setting a goal or coming up with a resolution - is a great conversation to have with your children. Spend some time discussing the idea of resolutions and share your own resolutions with your children. Help them to come up with some of their own. Better yet, set a family resolution and work together to achieve it. Setting a goal/resolution together may help you all to persevere. It is a valuable life skill and one that can benefit everyone. Perhaps you can take the time every day to think of one thing for which you are grateful.

Young Child Survey

Help us plan for your young children to attend Webster Schools! Please provide basic information about the children under the age of five (pre-school aged) residing in your home.

Check out what our Eagles are doing this month!

Happy 2022!

Our pre-schoolers will be busy in January! Our themes will be snow, Arctic animals(especially penguins and polar bears), and our first author study will be Jan Brett.

Thank you for sending your little ones in outside winter clothing! We love playing outside and are hoping for snow!

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Kindergarten will be role playing, reading, writing, graphing, and problem solving around the texts: The Mitten and The Snowy Day. They will also read texts about peace and write about powerful, culturally diverse historical figures that have impacted our nation. Students will begin an EngageNY unit on farms.
Kinder friends celebrated Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Las Posadas, Christmas in Japan, Saint Lucia, Ramadan & Christmas!
Happy New Year to all our first grade families! First graders have a busy and exciting month ahead! Students will be learning about Arctic animals. They will learn how to do research on Pebble Go and non-fiction books. Students will learn all about Arctic animals and get to write their very own non-fiction story. It is amazing to watch them grow as writers this year! We also will be starting place value in math. Please continue practicing math facts at home and writing numbers to 120. At the end of the month, students will be learning about the human body and the different systems that our body has. Thank you for your continued support at home. Please remember to read to or with your child each night.

Happy New Year from Second Grade! We have completed our study of the work of water with hands-on learning activities to answer the questions, “If you floated down a river, where would you end up?” “Why is there sand at the beach?”and “Where do flash floods happen?” Students have learned about how water moves around the earth and about the effects of slow and quick changes. In math, we have been busy practicing our addition and counting strategies with adding 2 digit numbers and working with dimes, nickels and pennies. This month, second graders will be reading, writing and talking about Ancient Greece and Greek Myths. Also, in math, we will be working on measurement. We are looking forward to a wonderful start to 2022!

Time is flying by, and we are almost halfway through the year! In Module, the third graders became experts on different countries around the world and learned a variety of ways people access books. Students will also be looking at how others have overcome learning challenges through a variety of read-alouds. Students will then brainstorm their own challenge and write about it. In math, we continued to practice problem solving with all operations, and will continue our work with 2-step word problems in the new year. Hoping everyone had a relaxing and fun break!
Fourth Graders are excited to learn about animals and their defense mechanisms! Don't be surprised if they are suddenly interested in "Choose Your Own Adventure" books since they will be writing one of their own. They are also learning about energy through Mystery Science. In math, they are using their multiplication skills to do long division and solve word problems. They should continue to practice their facts at home! We are beginning to add prefixes to our word study.

This December was a busy one for our fifth graders! We’ve been learning about the rainforest, its importance and preservation.

Also, we have been preparing for a trip to Mars! Our students will be going on the Challenger field trip the week after holiday recess.

We’ve met with the commander and the students have their mission assignments.

We also had fun with our kinder friends , reading to them and making holiday crafts. Looking forward to the new year and the excitement it will bring!

In December, all centrum classrooms enjoyed learning about many different holiday traditions. We also had a wonderful time visiting the Webster Public Library and listening to some songs. In January, Mrs. Dobson’s, Mr. Ormerod’s and Mrs. Vollmer’s classrooms will explore and discuss the five senses. We will be participating in many hands-on activities as well as continuing our individualized learning programs. We are looking forward to a joyful January!
In December we completed a short dance/cardio drumming unit. We also taught rhythms and practiced jumping rope! Ask your child about some of the new jump roping skills they learned!

This month we will be focusing on fitness as well as continuing to work on our physical literacy, practicing throwing and tossing skills

At the end of the month we will kick off our "Kids Heart Challenge" event with the American Heart Association. Students will learn about how to live a healthy lifestyle and take care of their hearts as well as how to be kind to others using the AHA curriculum!

There are 6 concepts we will teach:

Move More

Be a Leader

Choose Water

No Tobacco/Vaping

Choose Water

Help Others

Visit AHA website to learn more There will be more info to come!

Library News!

Library renovations have begun! We are settled in our temporary space in Room 118 in the 3rd grade hallway. Library classes continue as usual and students have many books to choose from. Our new library should be ready by March or April 2022!

Exciting news for our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders! On February 3rd they will meet best-selling author Lauren Tarshis in a virtual author visit! She is the author of the amazing I Survived books. Adventure, survival and history all rolled up in an amazing book series! We will learn more about Lauren and her books during the month of January. If you would like to purchase a Lauren Tarshis book from a local bookstore or online, Ms. Tarshis will be sending autographed bookplates to place inside of books for students! For more information about our visiting author please visit her website:

Stay tuned for more information about a very exciting author visit geared to our K-2nd students later this school year!

Please feel free to contact Mrs. Koch, Librarian, if you have any questions or need assistance.

Happy Reading!

Lauren Tarshis, author of the popular I Survived book series will visit virtually with 3rd, 4th & 5th graders on February 3rd!
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Oak Tree Teacher Recognition 2021/2022

Oak Tree Nomination Form

Co-Sponsored by the Webster Teachers' Association (WTA) and the Webster Central PTSA, the Oak Tree Award recognition program is an annual award that is designed to recognize teacher excellence in Webster Central Schools. Each year an educator from elementary and another from secondary are selected.

Any Webster resident or district employee, current or former student, parent, teacher, or administrative colleague may nominate a teacher for the Elementary or Secondary Teacher of the Year Oak Tree Award.

Teachers Include: UPK-12 Teachers, Special Educators, Literacy Specialists, School Counselors, Librarians/Media Specialists, School Psychologists, School Social Workers, Speech and Language Teachers, Occupational, or Physical Therapists

Award nominees must meet the following criteria:

* Currently teaching in a full-time position in Webster Central Schools
* Have a minimum of 5 years teaching experience in Webster Central Schools
* Plan to continue to teach the next school year in, or retire from Webster Central Schools
* Be a member of both the Webster Central PTSA and the Webster Teachers' Association

Nominations must be received by February 1, 2022

Please Note: Nomination is intended for an individual teacher. Group, team or grade level nominations will not be considered. Teacher nominees who meet these criteria will receive an Oak Tree Award Application and directions for completing the application process.

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From the Board of Education, January 2022


We hope our One Webster families enjoyed a restful winter recess. As we begin the second half of this school year, we thank our families for your continued partnership in your child’s education. We are grateful for your commitment to our One Webster community!


If you have children residing in your household who are born to 5 years old, please complete the brief census linked below that will be used to help forecast student enrollment.

Don't delay! This census will close January 9, 2022. If you do not have access to a computer, you may participate by calling Student Registration at (585) 216-0029.

Please share this information with your friends and neighbors with small children.


Webster CSD has many outstanding educators. Now is the time to nominate a special teacher in your student’s life for the Oak Tree Award!

Co-sponsored by the Webster Teachers’ Association (WTA) and the Webster Central PTSA, the Oak Tree Award annually recognizes teacher excellence in Webster CSD schools by honoring an educator from the elementary and the secondary levels.

Nominations are due by February 1, 2022, and can be made by visiting this link.

Any Webster resident or district employee, current or former student, parent, teacher, or administrative colleague may nominate an educator for the Elementary or Secondary Teacher of the Year Oak Tree Award. Educators include: UPK-12 teachers, special educators, literacy specialists, school counselors, librarians/media specialists, school psychologists, school social workers, speech and language teachers, occupational therapists, and physical therapists.

Nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • Currently teaching in a full-time position in Webster CSD schools;

  • Have a minimum of five years teaching experience in Webster CSD schools;

  • Plan to continue to teach the next school year in or retire from Webster CSD schools; and

  • Be a member of both the Webster Central PTSA and the WTA.

Nomination is intended for an individual teacher. Group, team, or grade level nominations will not be considered.

Teacher nominees who meet the criteria will receive an Oak Tree Award application and directions for completing the application process.


Please stay updated and informed on your board’s activities by visiting our newly designed website. There you’ll find agendas, minutes, and even the latest meetings, which are streamed live and also recorded for later viewing.

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