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The Only News The All Father Doesn't Know...Yet


Hello. Welcome to The Daily Asgard , where we bring you the news you need to know, not what you want to know. The Olympics are here ,and my team and I have decided to look in on the sport Luge . Please enjoy, " the only news the All Father doesn't know...yet" . I decided to cover Erin Hamlin in this year's Olympics. One of the many American athletes to compete in the winter Olympics, she is a role model to us all. USA Today caught up with Hamlin after her first go in her sport Luge. "Don't do too much. Don't overdrive," she said. Hamlin says she is not trying to make history, she just wants to get a medal. She also states that she is studying her errors to improve.


In competition, she is right behind Germany's leading Natalie Geisenberger. Here is a link to some of Hamlin's past achievements . I'm showing you this article so you can get a feel for Hamlin's competitive background and successful lifestyle.


Luge has been described by many as one of the hardest sports in the Olympics. Competitors have a one- or two-person sled for coasting or racing downhill, trying to beat the previous persons time. This article will give you insight on exactly what the Luge sport is like. A little taste of what Lugers deal with.


The link below is an article written by the daily journal, in order to touch bases with Hamlin and her family after the recent death of her grandmother.


(Intro for video:1 One of Erin Hamlin's success videos put together after she won the first US singles Luge medal ever. "I'm stoked." Are the words that Hamlin used. "Who knew? I definitely pictured it. It was a big goal of mine. After the 2010 games I was really disappointed, and I knew that's not how I wanted my Olympic legacy to end. It was super motivating.") (Intro for video : 2 The second video is a interview with Erin Hamlin, in which she gives her views on what success is, and the importance of education. She does not lose her academic success to achieve her passions success. Instead she maintains both with proper time management.) (Intro for video 3: this video is based off Erin Hamlin's parents reactions to her winning the medal in her division. You don't hear much about Hamlin s family, except for the fact that she has lots of respect and love for them. So this video is a little insight into the mind of her family, and parental support. Its titled Erin Hamlin's parents talks about historic medal run.
Erin Hamlin Wins First US Singles Luge Medal
Meet Erin Hamlin

Success is the embodiment of drive. (Feature story)

Drive. The reason we as humans push forward daily. Reaching goals is not just a dream for Erin Hamlin, it is a reality. Hamlin does not give up when times get hard, instead she pushes forward in spite of time away from her husband, the death of a close family member, and achievements that were not as high ranked as she would have wanted. She stays on top of her education in college at Devry, and she says she is her own motivator. Which is probably why in this years Olympics she won the very first US singles Luge medal ever! Hamlin's hard work payed off, she finally reached the height in her competitive career that she dreamed of. She embodies ambition. Hamlin is not a god, or a billionaire. She was just a girl with a dream. If she could strive for success and achieve it, anyone can.

More with Hamlin.

This article is from the news paper "The Edge". Reporter Bill Chappell writes more on Hamlin's reactions based on her win for The United States of America. She expresses how she couldn't wait to get home to see her family, and share this victory with them.

Luge Dangers. It gets Real

Alot can be said about the sport Luge. Some say the racing downhill at speeds over 100 mph with extremely thin, swim suit like gear could be dangerous. The fact that you're on a thin board with steel rods on the bottom that could at any moment flip over and seriously injure you. These are what some of the Lugers have to say about the dangers of Luge. David Epstein shares these thoughts with us.

Luge statistics

This article is based on the stats of luge the different luge times and zones, team results, over all winners etc. interesting facts.

Luge video 1.

This is a video of a Luger on a run. Notice how he does not immediately take off,instead he waits and contemplates his steps. Then BANG like a bullet!

Luge video 2.

This video actually features Erin Hamlin in one of her Olympic runs on the good old Luge track. Watch and be amazed,32068,61982160001_1954386,00.html

Luge video 3.

These are actually a couple of videos of STREET luge. Yes off the ice and onto the pavement Luge has come to the cement!


AAAWWW who doesn't love cute kids? Here are some compilations of some adorable kids doing what i call BABY LUGE!