2014-2015 Honor Choirs

You'll wanna read this!

Announcing the opportunity to be in one or both prestigious choirs!

The Middle Tennessee Honor Choir is a well-established honors experience with a tradition of excellence involving singers from the entire middle Tennessee region.

The Tennessee Treble Honor Choir is sponsored by the Tennessee Music Teachers Association (TMEA) and is held in conjunction with the TMEA State Convention.

When? Where? How? Cost?


Middle Tennessee Honor Chorus - January 27, 2015

Tennessee Treble Honor Choir - April 8-9, 2015


Middle Tennessee Honor Chorus - Nashville

Tennessee Treble Honor Choir - Memphis


Acceptance into both choirs is based on recorded audition:

Middle Tennessee: "America" ("My Country Tis of Thee") sung a cappella in the key of G

TN Treble: "America" sung with accompaniment in both the key of F and Ab


Both Choirs require an audition fee of $5.00. In addition, the TN Treble Choir in Memphis will necessitate a hotel stay and a $50.00 participation fee payable if the singer makes it into the choir.

Other information

We will need parents to drive to both choirs.

Parents of singers selected for the TN Treble Choir will need to secure lodging in Memphis as well as plan to chaperone and drive or carpool. I probably won't drive to Memphis, so I'll need to hitch a ride with someone.

I'm interested! What do I need to do now?

Return the form along with $5.00 for either choir or $10.00 if you want to do both. I will contact you with an audition time.