The Boston Gazette

Date: 1850

A is for Abolitionist 00000

Abolitionist Elijah Lovejoy was killed because of the abolitionist cause. in 1831 a man named Garrison in boston began to make a newspaper called the liberty. It was made to support the abolitionist cause by trying to convince people to free slaves by putting it in the newspaper. In 1833 a group of almost a 100 people met and formed the anti slavery society. the anti slave society denounced slavery as a sin and attempted to abolish immediately. By 1835 the anti slavery society had received substantial moral and financial support from slave communities in the north. The anti slavery society had flooded the north with lots of anti slavery literature. They then flooded congress with requests to end slavery immediately. The society attracted a lot of attention from women and also denounced.The american colonization society program of voluntary gradual emancipation of black immigration. All of this caused fights between the North and the South.thing like burning abolitionist literature and violent mobs happened. All of this among the murder of Elijah Lovejoy led to many northerners voting for antislavery politicians out of fear. But as anti slavery began to appear in politics, abolitionists also began to disagree amongst themselves. By 1840 Garrison and his followers were convinced that america a revolutionary change was needed to achieve emancipation. Frederick douglass has also became very popular with his autobiography about being a slave that put people in his shoes and showed them what it was like being a slave.


The Civil war

The civil war continues today in Gettysburg pennsylvania. General Robert E. Lee made history in Gettysburg by attacking the northern army in the campaign of Gettysburg. Lee planned on taking supplies from the the abundant pennsylvania.he wanted to also lower the north's fighting spirit. Lee wanted to bring the fighting to the north and away from war ravaged Virginia. The war lasted 3 days and had an estimated total of 51000 casualties from both sides.

North carolina and the Civil War

civil war

Not many big battles have happened in NC but it did contribute to the confederate cause. It provided about 133,000 soldiers to the confederate army which is one sixth of the confederate fighting force and more soldiers were provided from NC than any other state. North Carolina was also split as approximately 8000 people fought for the union with the rest being confederate.

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