Fine Artist

Marcus Birdsong

Daily Activities

Create works of art to communicate ideas, thoughts, or feelings.

Working Conditions

Have a low level of social interaction. They talk to clients and customers, but spend most of their time alone.

Usually communicate via telephone and e-mail. Often work indoors in studios. May work outdoors when they need natural lighting. May wear protective and safety gear, depending on the materials or methods they are using. Are occasionally exposed to contaminants, such as paint fumes or dust. Must be exact in their work. They must be sure that customers are happy with their work. Rarely consult others before making a decision or setting daily tasks and goals. Work in a moderately competitive environment where they must meet strict weekly deadlines. May work part time or full time. May work more than eight hours a day to meet deadlines. May have flexible schedules.

Yearly Wages



have a high school diploma or equivalent; and have many years of artistic training and practice.

Important skills and and abilities

Listen to others and ask questions. Understand spoken information. Speak clearly so listeners can understand. Think of original, unusual, or creative ways to solve problems.Think of new ideas about a topic.

Recommended classes

Art , Crafts, Drawing, Painting Photography, Pottery Printmaking, Graphics Sculpture and Textiles.
Trick Art Drawing 3D Crocodile, Visual Illusion