All about me

What I like to do

What I think is fun

In my opinion camping is the best thing to do over the summer in fact my family and I go camping every summer and we always have fun or see something cool or strange.We don't care where we go camping we are just happy to be together.Even though that it true our favorite place to go camping is sequoia national park its fun to go and see the big trees.This is an example of the beautiful sights you can see there.
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What games I play

It really depends on what I'm playing with because I have a phone,kindle Fire, and a touch screen laptop.ussally when I play my laptop I play minecraft or watch videos but, when I play my phone I play asphalt 8 and when I play my kindle I play scribblenauts it's a fun game but when Im not playing technology I play tag freeze tag or hide n seek.

What I do in sequoia with my family

Every time my family goes to sequoia we go to Moro rock it's really big here's a picture from far away.They actually made a way up to the top it's really high and the cars look like tiny little ants.
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What else I like to do

Besides all that I also like to go to the movies and to the block but in case you don't know what the block is its like a wall that's like a block but when you go inside you see a bunch of store and it's fun to walk around and see what people are selling the last time I went someone was selling tazers that a cop would use.You can also get a snack and a drink at a resturant or you could just get a snak there and get a drink out of a vending machine.Anyways when I go to the movies with my family we are usually there to see a new movie but my favorite movies are how to train your dragon.