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Victoria Vella

Importance of Makkah

Makkah is a very important and interesting place to visit. It was the place where the Muslims first flourished. Muhammad was born in Makkah and introduced the people of Makkah to the Muslim religion. Soon tons of Muslims were in Makkah. Also, Makkah was the first place where Muhammad started teaching as a prophet. This was where Muhammad told his five important teachings and said many sermons. Before Muhammad died he held his last sermon in Makkah his birthplace. Overall, Makkah is a very interesting and special place and you should take a vacation down in Makkah.
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The Kaaba

If you are a religious person or even if you just like famous landmarks then you could visit the Kaaba. The Kaaba is a very important place in Makkah. It is a cube-shaped shrine that is said to be built by Abraham. Early on, the Kaaba was filled will statues of gods and people came from all over Arabia to worship there. Now the Kaaba is only for Allah, the Muslim god (who is the same as the Christian and Jewish god). Many people now go there to worship Allah.
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To transport you to Makkah we can send either a camel or a horse. A horse is better transportation than a camel therefore it will cost more. Each camel will cost five peaches and each horse will cost eight peaches.
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Cost and Contact Information

A trip to Makkah per person costs 8 swords and one pound of gold not including the cost for transportation. We will also accept some silk and 15 apricots. To contact me you must send me a letter saying how many people this trip is for and what your payment will be. The address you can contact me at is 13 Ivory st.
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