Big Blue

By;Grace Gentle

It's so blue!

Go and live in Kepler 22b! It will be a blast! It gas a nice blue aura to live there and it take your mind at ease. It is a great planet for to spend your rest of your life there with no worriers at all. And also it is a great weather climate for anyone that likes the warmer weather and more nature on the planet. So I hope you love living here and see all the lovely nature-like qualities about this planet and all of its riches.

Here are some interesting facts about Kepler 22b and some pictures.

Background infomation

Diameter of planet: 2.4xEarth

Average Distance from its Sun: 600 light-years, about 2.4 times.

Average Temperature: Global equilibrium temperature- 262K-11°C(11.9°F)

Length of a day: 289 day

Length of a year(orbital period): 1.24

There are no moons or rings on this planet.

The maximum age year on kepler22B would be 62-63 year old.

36 is the "G" value.

You would weight on 1,296 on "Big Blue".

The distance from Earth is about 0.85.

If your spaceship can travel 0.1C it would take you 0.085C and when you get there you will be 56.

3 Interesting Facts!

Kepler 22b or as I like to call it "Big Blue" is about twice the size of Earth.

It is the first so-called "Super-Earth" known to live within the habitable zone of a sun-like star.

One last thing about "Big Blue" is that it is far away from its Sun as the Earth is from our Sun. It's not so close to be hot or cold.

3 Problems about living here.

A decrease in light from its host star that occurs when the planet passes in front of the star from the perspective of Earth.

One problem about Kepler22B is that it is too far away.

The last problem about it is that you won't be able live that long on Keller 22b so make you life here the most of it.

Here are 3 ideas that you could overcome the danger to make your lives more suitable life.

1. What you can do to get there faster is you can invent a new and faster space shuttle.

2. By the little amount of light that's on the planet the best thing that u could do it to go to bed earlier because there won't be any electricity and you would need solar light.

3. One more thing is that you would have to waste your entire life trying to make it to "Big Blue" so once you get there start your way if living!