Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Who are we?

Eternal Rest Funeral Home is an independent company that will work on your behalf. Our purpose is to provide any information that you need to make the decisions that you face for a funeral. We want to take care of you and be there to support you, family and friends.

Never Face Challenges Alone!

Here at Eternal Rest Funeral Home, we can help you cope with any challenges that you are facing during a difficult time. We will plan everything for you. We will simply have you fill out a form that will help us plan the funeral to your liking and then meet and discuss the details. We will have you choose the type of service that is requested, information to burial or cremation, selection of casket, outer burial container or cremation items.

Your Loved One

We will ask vital information pertaining to the person. We will need the legal name and address of the deceased one. Date and place of birth as well as the address of his or her parents and their names.

We want to get to know how they were. Where did they attend school? Where did they love to travel? What job did she or he have or was going to pursue?


Tell us the culture of the loved one. We want to make sure we have the proper items that are needed, such as a Bible, Koran, Torah or any other religious books that you would like us to read from. Also if there is any pomes or text that needs to be read.

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We will take donations for any family if requested on our link below.