Team of Queens

Weekly Check-In

My head is still spinning

HOOPLA was nothing short of amazing. There is tons of info in the lounge and I would highly recommend viewing what you have time for.

The Fall line is out and WOW. She is fabulous! Try to take sometime to review the "Fall Collection" section in the lounge. There is a lot of information but totally worth reviewing to increase your understanding of the new line, how to style, sell and display it. My favs are

How to Merchandise Fall 2013

Blythe's Behind the Design Webinar

Top tens according to Nirah (she seems to be very good at predicting best sellers)

Sutton, Mae necklace, Christina link necklace, Somervelle necklace, Tessa, trinity (gold or silver), arrow ring (gold or silver), Frida scarf, Christina Link bracelet (gold or silver), poppy tech tote, nancy studs. If you haven't sampled yet and want to chat about what to order please reach out.

The winner is....Cheryl Meisner

Woohoo!! Miss Cheryl, who I had the pleasure of meeting last night at our meeting, is the winner of our last challenge. She not only qualified by July 15th - she has already reached her volume bonus and she is still in her JumpStart. Great job Cheryl! The Ivie Bangle is all yours!

Team Facebook Page

By request, we are going to create a little Team of Queens facebook group. This way everyone can know who is on our team and share information in a smaller forum. SO FUN! As with all other Stella & Dot pages, please keep it positive and sharing.

Need to know!

Rock the Summer Challenge

We went gaga the other night for the items we can all earn in this challenge! If you want in on the action, please register at

This will give you an opportunity to earn the items that will be sold exclusively to hostesses this fall. It will be a fantastic booking at shows tool.

Set your level and Rock it out this summer!