MakerSpace November

Cranberry Colony!

New this month - Themed Challenges!!

Starting this month, we are inviting MakerSpace visitors to try something new - working independently or with a partner, creating a project based on a challenge. This month there is one challenge, outlined below, but in the future there may be different challenges based on the monthly theme.

We hope this will keep our MakerSpace inviting for every student. Good Luck!

Cranberry Construction - You are the Designer!

By yourself or with partner(s), use cranberries and toothpicks to create a structure for our Colonial Village - then glue your structure to a namecard.

You may give your building a name and put the names of the Design Team on the card. Your building will become part of our school's village!

What kind of buildings?

Of course we will need homes in our village, but we can also have barns, shops, a bank and even a church.

How about a gristmill? a covered bridge? a pen for animals? You decide! Think of ways to make your building special.

Why Cranberries?

Cranberries have a hard skin, and if you poke the toothpick in only once, they should hold the structure together as they dry. Cranberries have been in New England since colonial times, and have been part of Thanksgiving for hundreds of years. We think they are the perfect fruit for this project. How about you?

Good Luck to our Cranberry Architects!