Blazing Hearts

By:Amaya ,Madison, Rafael, and James.W

The problem

NISD is growing rapidly by building schools

Rabbits,coyotes and rats are perishing and there natural habitats are getting destroyed.

Issues and Evidence

Coyotes are coming to our area. Humans are feeding rabbits. Coyotes are coming to CVS. Humans can't go to a certain area. Rabbits predictors are coming to the area for rabbits. They are used to coming to Walmart.

Our plan!

We are going to bring wild dogs to the zoo by animal patrol also going to bring rabbits to there natural habitats by using animal patrol. It would be helpful because they wouldn't spread diseases and make us sick. The construction workers is going to make the future schools

Benefits and Consequences


1.wont destroy ecosystems

2.wont consume wild animals

3.won't hurt our dogs.


1.animals will come in our personal space

2.coyotes will hurt humans by coming in our yards

3.students will not be safe because coyotes are coming in are yards

This is what the future elementary schools will look like if you agree with our plan.
Big image
Big image

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I hope you like our plan