norfolk jr high


brighton lidgett

panthers are so cute

Hansel and gretal

who; hansel and gretel

what; ate house

when; mid-noon

where; middle of woods

why; got lost hansel got hungry

how; ate witches house and almost cooked

One day Hansel and Gretel were wandering in the woods and were littering bread crumbs all over the place. They found a house made of candy and trespassed on the lawn and ate the door down to a crumb. Then they ate the toilet seat made of peppermint. The address is 1012 Whats His Name Lane They had several witnesses. The neighbors and the squirrels saw Hansel and Gretel eat the door.

The witch tried to eat the children in a super oven 9 thousand. But Hansel had a sweet tooth and ate the licorice ropes pushed her in the oven and ran away.

autobiography assinment

Well he likes to watch movies and design video games. Where did you attend high school? Norfolk Sr. High. What activities were you in? Robotics club. He went to college at Wayne State and majored in animation art, and robotics. His first job was working for Nintendo. Yes he is married and has two children. He lives in Tokyo, Japan. He works in robotics , and as a game designer. His hobbies are designing and art. He will be a billionaire. Making and selling video games, designing with his brother Nathan Lidgett because he plays so many video games he knows game graphics. He will travel to Japan every weekend

free birds

Jake and Reggie are fighting for their freedom and get turkeys of the menu. so eat chicken for thanksgiving this year or else. It takes place in 1621 Plymouth colony. The turkeys try and get all the turkeys in the world out of oven and into safety of a underground fortress. Reggie is the smart one of the bench. Jake in the muscles the strong bold one.

scary story

The Picture I have 2 stories

One guy named Bob and his girl friend walked through a cemetery. The girl heard strange noises then read a sign that says, ” tag, you're it.” Then they see a picture of them with 2 meat cleavers in their head. That next morning they see a scary clown shadow with a bomb pie that says “surprise”. They ran as fast as they could and tripped over a tree root sticking out of the ground. Then the clown kills them both using two meat cleavers. the clown says, ” you're next”. Then the grave keeper sees the bodies and he starts dig graves when the killer clown strikes again.The grave keeper left the gate open he ran out laughing evilly, he killed everyone in the town of Lincoln, Nebraska and on its way to Norfolk, Nebraska killer clown wanted $2,000,000,000 dead or alive before he gets you. If dead he will probably come back to life and be stronger and more deadly. He will kill you and laugh why you are dying like a maniac ax but worst of all he will get you no matter what, he won't stop.

Where Is He

One boy named Elliot was trick or treating by himself for the first time ever. But he ends up in the cemetery and he finds the gate to the cemetery and it was locked. He was scared for his life. Then he saw a small dark figure in a shape that he was not familiar with before. Then it disappeared. He looked down to see a zombie rabbit climbing up his leg. He has been bitten he was a zombie. He crawled through the gate and attacked the town of Omaha and slowly spread. Soon all but Norfolk, Nebraska was left everyone was gone but Elliot Rodriguez and other survivors left on top of a tall brick building inside where zombies and dead skulls. They will never survive, one said there is too many of them. At that very moment Elliot awoke and looked toward the cemetery and saw the gravestone marked rabbit.

debate argument

homework good or bad

I am on the we need homework side because I like homework, it gets me out of my chores.

It teaches us how to be responsible and turn assignments in on time. Homework makes you smarter and helps with your memory. It explains what is reasonable and what is not. Homework challenges your brain and your trivia for homework. Finally, it helps us work independently.

feature story

The Giant Panda’s Ways

Pandas mostly eat bamboo but will eat more than bamboo like deer, small rodents and sugar cane. The scientific name is ailuropoda melancholic. The giant panda is an endangered species and they spend their lives in the woods and in zoos. More than 300 pandas are in captivity. Pandas sleep up to 12 hours a day.They eat kg. to kg. of bamboo.Their average lifespan is about 20 years. They live on the far side of China. One panda was born on October 17, 2013. their rank is species. The average males weigh 250 lbs. The average females weigh 220 pounds. Babies weigh an average of 10 pounds.

my favorite app

Drawing Pad

by Brighton Lidgett

Drawing pad is a fun, educational app, where you can draw pictures. You can sketch, use a pencil, marker, crayon, or colored pencil. Then there is the option to send it to your photos and add text. I know how to talk using this app. It is funny being able to talk like a robot. I draw cool backgrounds for my iPad. Drawing is the best using an iPad even when you mess up. I hate it when I have to delete my art work.