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Harvest Elementary School Newsletter

Update September 12th-19th

Harvest Family,
This week we continued to have a successful collaboration time and instructional rounds for our teachers. Our continued focus is on student learning: For the teacher to create meaningful lessons for the students to engage and practice to work towards the mastery of the standards.

Below are a few questions we are focusing on:
In what ways or what evidence shows students engaged in learning?

Can students tell you what they are learning and why?

What type(s) of work are students engaged in to reach the learning target?

As we move forward as a school, we appreciate your continued support. Here are a few upcoming dates:

P.A.C.K. Week- 12th -15th
- More information listed below.

Dessert with the Counselor:
Mrs. Scroggins will be discussing on September 18th at 6pm-7pm, "the parent- teacher involvement." Coffee and dessert will be served.

Coffee with the Counselor:
For those that could not make it to Dessert with the counselor, Mrs. Scroggins will be discussing on September 19th at 8am -9am, "the parent -teacher involvement." Donuts and coffee will be provided.

Math Night at Publix:
Publix at the Harvest Square shopping center is hosting a Math Night for our school on Thursday the 25th of this month. It will be in the store from 6pm-8pm. Publix will have stations set up through out the store where Harvest students can participate in hands on math activities based on the current state standards. Please join us at this free event coming up.

Online Book Fair available until September 19th.

Thank you for another great week and see you at Harvest!

-Mr. Chapman

Upcoming Events

September 2014

September 15th -19th - Pack Week. More will come later for this event.

September 18th - Dessert with the Counselor- 6pm-7pmDiscussing "the parent- teacher involvement." - in the Counselors classroom

September 19th - Coffee with the Counselor- 8a.m. Discussing "the parent- teacher involvement." - in the Counselors classroom

September 22nd - 5:30pm- 5th Grade World Strides Washington D.C. meeting in the Media Center

September 22nd-PTO Meeting and Curriculum Night/ Open House:

We will start in the Cafeteria:

6:00pm- 6:30pm- PTO Meeting and Leader In Me presentation

6:30-7:15pm- Curriculum night - in individual homeroom teacher's class.

September 23rd- School Picture Day

September 25th - Math Night at the Publix in Harvest- 6pm-8pm - Free

September 26th - Half- day, students get out at 11am.

P.A.C.K. Week - Sept. 12th-15th

Friday, Sep. 12th, 8am

This is an online event.

P.A.C.K. Week Tips

Join the fun during P.A.C.K. Week and help your child get more colorful fruits and vegetables into his/her day. Here are some easy tips to packing great-tasting and nutritious fruits and veggies:

Monday, September 15: Pack Purple/Blue Day

Did you know that only 3% of our current fruit and veggie consumption is from the purple/blue category? Yet, these fruits and veggies provide natural plant nutrients not found in other colors.

♥ A child-friendly way to “pack purple” is with 100% grape juice made from purple Concord grapes. It is available year-round and just four ounces counts as a serving of fruit. Packing juice in a reusable container is also a great way to help save the environment.

♥ Since dried fruit counts too, try packing a snack-sized box of raisins for snack time.

♥ A plum is a tasty lunchbox addition or try including blueberries or blackberries in a reusable container.

Tuesday, September 16: Pack White/Brown/Tan Day

White, tan and brown fruits and veggies make up this color category.

♥ The most common white fruit is the banana…and they’re easy to pack and so delicious.

♥ Your child might enjoy a white peach or a pear.

♥ Cauliflower florets with ranch dressing are a crunchy lunch addition.

Wednesday, September 17: Pack Red Day

Red fruits and vegetables are a cheery addition to the lunchbox.

♥ You could send your child to school with a red apple on Pack Red Day.

♥ Consider packing a few cherries or strawberries for a tasty treat.

♥ Many kids love red pepper slices or tomato wedges either with or without some ranch dressing.

Thursday, September 18: Pack Yellow/Orange Day

Yellow/Orange fruits and vegetables will brighten up everyone’s day.

♥ The most common yellow/orange fruit is the orange.

♥ Baby carrots are super easy to pack and kids just love them.

♥ Other great yellow/orange options are nectarines, peaches or pineapple chunks.

♥ See if your child likes dried apricots. They’re surprisingly delicious and super healthy.

Friday, September 19: Pack Green Day

Green fruits and vegetables are the most commonly eaten group of fruits and vegetables…but there’s always room for more!

♥ Green grapes (halves for younger children) and green apples are kid favorites, and they’re easy to send to school on Pack Green Day.

♥ Celery sticks or green pepper slices are terrific crunchy snacks and can be packed alongside ranch dressing for a fun dipping option.

♥ Other nutritious vegetable choices are snow peas, sugar snap peas or broccoli florets.

Pack More Fruits and Vegetables into Each Day!


Clubs Being Offered this year!

Below you will find links and information about the clubs we will be offering:

Please check out our Clubs link for a menu of all club. information. Link

Chess Club K-2nd Grade

Chess Club 3rd-5th Grade

Dance Club 2nd and 3rd Grade

Dance Club 4th and 5th Grade

Drama Club: Tryout Info

Math Club

Science Club

Spanish Club / Spanish Informational Letter

Student Ambassadors

3rd- 5th grades: Running Club

2nd -5th grades: Choir

4th- 5th grades: Lego Robotics:

The 1st Lego Robotics informational meeting will be held on September 11th at 5pm in the Media Center. Parents, you may sign-up at the meeting with Mrs. Giles. For parents who cannot make the meeting, please email, if you are interested in Lego Robotics. Lego Robotics plans to meet the first Friday of every month from 3pm-4pm.

5th grade: FCA ( Fellowship of Christian Athletes):

First Meeting-Tuesday, Sept. 23

7:00 am-7:30 a.m. in Mr. Pettiway's classroom

Parents should drop children off at front entrance at 7:00 a.m. and we will dismiss them to their class location at 7:30am. We would like for any interested 5th grader to attend the first meeting and we will have signup/permission forms to send home that day.

National Honor Society

We will have our 1st meeting on Monday September 15th from 3pm-4pm in the Media center. More Information will be posted soon.

Watch D.O.G.S.

Watch D.O.G.S. is an organization for dads or father figures to sign -up to come back to school at a later date to serve the school. If you are interested in coming to school and being on the Watch D.O.G.S., please contact Mrs. Emily Scroggins at or if you would like to find out more information about Watch D.O.G.S. please follow this link.

Harvest Elementary School Vision

The vision of Harvest Elementary School is to instill the principles of respect and responsibility, and to enable all students to attain their personal best.

This will be accomplished through a collaborative effort of students, teachers, administration, parents, and the community to promote academic excellence in a positive, nurturing, encouraging, and safe environment

School Mission

We believe that every individual is valued and deserves to be treated with respect.

We believe through high expectations and the development of the whole child, all students can attain their personal best.

We believe that a positive, nurturing, encouraging, and safe environment is conducive to successful learning.