Color blindness

Project by Jorgie Heimendinger

Basic Information

First off there is no cure. Color blindness is the inability to see certain colors in a usual way. Males usually get the condition of color blindness, because they only have one x chromosome.


Color blindness can best be characterized by eye problems such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. It could also be caused by aging, injury to the eye and side effects or some medications. It can affect daily life by not matching clothes as well, not seeing flowers and fruits that easy, reading colored maps or street signs while driving. When cooking telling when steak or meat is cooked or by telling if tomatoes are ripe or not, when doing homework with graphs,tables, and charts are hard to distinguish colors.


Some of the causes of color blindness are mutations of at least 19 different chromosomes. As well as many different of genes. 5% to 8% of males are color blind in some way or another compared to less than 1% of females.


There is no cure but you take a color correction exam that has designed filters in eyeglasses, its painless that is no more difficult for a patient with a usual examination. Also people effected by color blindness can wear contact lenses or glasses.

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Other facts

- if your father has the condition of color blindness the daughter has a 100% of getting the condition.

- In some cases the colors black,white, and gray can only be seen.

- Color blindness does not effect the persons life expectancy

-There is no cure

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