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The Crucible

Abel Rodriguez
Abigail accuses other witches.
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Reverend Hale came to the town to cure the people of witchcraft
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John Proctor did not sign the confession to save his honor and his name
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The  do  not tolerant   adultery.   They  don not  tolerant   wuchicraft. John's  wife  doest  not tolerant  Abigail.


Everyone   shouted  to  hang   the  wiches.  many  were  innocent. Buth,  that  did  not  matter.


Jhon   Proctor  worked  in the fields. He had relations with Abigail. Buth  he will  not sign the confession  to save  his  honor and his  name.

A modern connection

Time of the witches (2009) By Ann Meyers