My 2014-2015 School Year

The Year I........

2014-2015 year

This year has changed me a lot I thought that I would just come to middle school have the same friends just everything be the same but just a different school. At the begging of the year it was super tuff to adjust I felt lost it was so overwhelming I started not doing any of my homework and didn't study at all and pretty much failed the first semester. Then I finally picked my self up and checked into reality I started doing all of my home work and studied for every test. I also started to be more out going and made tons of new friends, also I got closer with my family telling them how I felt, I also started to get interested in sport because all of my friends were playing volley ball and I tried out and started to love it.

I realized that the world can offer so much happiness and possibilities.

I never thought that I could make so many friends it doesn't matter how you act, look, or dress your gonna make friends in middle school. Making these friends have showed me other sides of looking at things. I got closer to my family by actually talking to them more and sharing things to them my mom showed me a lot of different ways of being organized, keeping focused,how to study properly, asking the right questions, and most importantly speaking up to a teacher if it has to do with homework,tests,projects, and even grades I use to be super shy about that and I would get confused and do the wrong thing. This year I got super hooked on valley ball again I use to play in the summer but I stopped then I realized how much I loved it especially beach volley because I love the beach with the soft sand and the pretty blue water and I love getting tan so everything about volley made me a freer person and made me more happy and also making a lot more friends from that too.

Middle school changed me in such a positive way it showed me great skills for the future its defiantly brought my family together and I made tons of new friends. I'm super stoked not only with my future with volley ball but my future with education and growing up to be a successful person in this world. I also have to thank the teachers and councilor's here at CVMS for helping me be the most successful student I can become and showing me that I can push harder and not to give up. Thank you CVMS!!!