Southern Alaska


This will show you more of a detailed look at the tundra of southern coast line of alaska. I will present to you 8 different animals,insects, and mammals. The food chain and the plant life of this spacific area. More of a detailed look of the people that live here and the impacts that effect them on a daily basis!

Food Web

The food web of the alaskan tundra is below. Its from man all the way to the most simple bacteria and parasites

Plant Life

Here are three types of plants that you would fined in the coast line of the atlantic tundra!

Human impacts

Here i will show you the way of life for people in alaska.
As you see below that not all parts of alaska have the resources we do. They have to basically survive in there environment. They breed and feed off there own animals and make sure they have enough meat and vegetables for the winter months. They start to stock up on the supplyes as soon as the summer starts and sont stop untill winter has begun

Effects that humans have on the hydrospher, atmosphere, and geosphere!

Humans have effected the atmosphere in this tundra without even noticing. The rising sea level are a new concern that will effect many people and ecosystems worldwide. The rise of water is said to be caused by the rising temperatures and the melting of mountain glaciers and ice caps. That is causing the decrease in the arctic sea level. This is causing a decrease in the polar bear habitat causing to be stranded further from land causing some to swim further and some drowning. The effect of the temperature is causing the precipatation to change, If the temperature is to high it will cause landslides and floods wile decrease may cause droughts. Humans will only continue to do so do to population needs. Global climate change, water pollution, damming of rivers, wetland drainage, reduction in stream flow, and irrigation have all exerted pressure on the hydrosphere's existing freshwater system.

Is Hunting a bad thing for the environment?

Hunting is a big deal to some people. To others it is nothing more to the way of life. Hunting in this area is actually looked as a good thing to keep the environment from being over populated. That is there source of food and in some places there only way of getting food!