Spring Has Sprung!!

Stella News, Summer Launch and April Incentive

It's Getting Warmer....

Ready to put my boots away and swap them out for open-toed shoes! The sun is finally shining and it is getting warmer which means...SUMMER LINE SAMPLING starts today! The new totes are versatile and incredible. The coated canvas exteriors and wipeable contrasting interiors are AMAZING!

Remember, when you order you can refresh any sample at 50% off! Don't forget to grap the swatch ring with your business supply credits. This is a fabulous tool to show all the patterns without investing in all of them. Someone had a great idea, write on the back of the swatch which bags come in that pattern to use as an easy reference! HAPPY SHOPPING!

Need Help Selecting What Bags to Purchase?

Tysh Mefford, a Platinum DIrector, had her first show last night and here is her report:

7 orders
$717 in jewelry
$613 in BAGS & one scarf! Sold 2 getaways, 5 bring its and some poufs AND a hang on. The bring its were being purchased for gifts…people LOVED these!
They also LOVE the pouf…such a great price point too!

There was a bench in the kitchen and I just threw all the bags on the bench. People LOVED them…HUGE HIT!! I spent a lot of time talking about the versatility of the bags..people loved this. Also, placing jewelry in the bring it…totally sold them. Watching Jessica's group hello (video is in SDU under training videos) helped with talking points about the bags and the versatility. I literally used her verbiage, unzipped, etc. and people just fell in love!

I don't think I would have had a $1300 show with these 7 women had I not had the bags…I'm absolutely thrilled with what I experienced tonight..I feel I almost doubled my sales as a result of this product expansion...and doubled my earning for the night!

Our opportunity has just gotten SOO much bigger...I can't wait for each of you to go out and do your first couple of shows with our new line...this product expansion is seriously HUGE!!

Who Do You Know??

Sponsoring is as casual as booking a trunk show! And there is no better way to layer your income than to add people to your team. Invite a potentail to our team meeting on the 9th and they will receive a necklace and a pair of earring just for attending. Here is the link to the Cincinnati meeting http://stellaanddotcincyaprilteammtg.eventbrite.com/
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Thank Your Autism Purchasers by posting this badge on their facebook page!

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With the weather warming up, bag launch and autism awareness fundraiser, there are so many reasons to get in front of people and share Stella & Dot, I think everyone is going to have a great month and I want to give something away! From the month of April, for every $500 you sell and every stylist you add to your team you will receive an entry to win a pair of Tory Burch Printed Flip Flops in the color of your choice! To be eligible, you must respond to me by Sunday and let me know if you would like to participate.

I'm Here for You!

Questions, concerns, want to share something awesome that is happening to you? I'd love to chat anytime, just call/email/text me. Or let's get together for coffee!