UNG Teaching Garden

IPE/CE College of Health Sciences and Professions

what grows in a teaching garden?

Hopefully food! But, more importantly: a sense of community, learning about soil, our confidence in meeting the challenges of gardening in North Georgia, a sense of our history as gardeners, our sense of power as food scarcity and food insecurity impacts our region,

Adopt a Plant

Click on "Volunteer" to sign up for your area of focus in the garden- if you are a student and want to use the UNG Teaching Garden as your service learning you can adopt an entire plant and your name will be attached to it- like "Hannah's Carrots".

UNG IPE & CE ~ We care

The hope behind this garden is that it will serve as a start to a change in the North Georgia region, and we can begin to address food insecurity, access to healthy foods, and supporting sustainable local agriculture. Appalachia has a rich farming heritage, and this garden will be a return to our "roots".
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The Vickery House

The Garden will be at the Vickery House located off the Dahlonega Campus. We hope to grow several raised beds, and a large melon patch over the summer. We will grow a Spring, Summer, and Fall crop. There will be a new sign up for each season. Come be a part of our North Georgia Community!