Why they are so great!


- It is advancing our world today

- You can genetically modify anything

- Plants can be more insect- resistant

- Plants can grow under worse conditions

- Animals can be changed to give more meat

- Animals can grow faster

- Because of GMOs, the world can never run out of foods

- GMOs can give more nutrients and more vitamins

- Helps the environment through using less chemicals and less resources

Potential Benefits:

Before, when the world was developing, people like Thomas Malthus, created the theory that we would use all the resources and would all die from starvation and lack of resources. With GMOs, that can never happen due to GMOs rapid growth and how they can be changed to give more nutrients and more vitamins. If there is ever a food that humans need that is used up, GMOs can be given in replace for that important food. GMOs can also help save those that are starving and those that have nothing through giving them foods that has all they need inside of it, allowing them to live and helping them recover.