Langston Hughes

Great American Writer


On February 1, 1902 in Joplin, MO, James Mercer Langston Hughes was born. Since his parents were divorced, he lived with his grandmother but at 13 years of age he moved in with his mother and stepfather in Lincoln, Illinois. It was during his high school years that he began writing. After graduating, he worked many different jobs in many different places but he was writing all the while. The Weary Blues was Hughes' first book of poetry, published in the year 1926. He then proceeded to write a novel called Not Without Laughter in 1930 that was a gold medal award winner. In his writing he tried to display what common black culture looked like in America during that time, since racist white people were clueless. Hughes was one of the most memorable, respected poets in America. On May 22, 1967 he was believed to have died from prostate cancer. In Harlem you will be able to find a memorial in his honor at the house he lived in called "Langston Hughes Place."
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