Heritage Primary

September, 11th, 2015

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Honoring Emergency Services Day

From all of our staff and students, we would like to acknowledge with special gratitude and profound respect all public safety personnel, including police, firefighters, ambulance personnel, emergency dispatchers, and corrections officers today, September 11th, 2015. Our classes devote time to honor and share how important these individuals are to our community and we cannot thank you enough for your service.

READ, RIGHT, & RUN Marathon Program

We are excited to begin the Read, Right, & Run Marathon Program for K-5 Heritage students again this year. The program’s goal is to develop reading-proficient, community-minded and physically fit children in grades K-5 by challenging them to READ 26 books, RIGHT the community with 26 good deeds, and RUN 26.2 miles over a six-month period. On April 9th, the program culminates when the students run their final 1.2 miles at the Annual Family Day in Forest Park.

Our RRR Club will meet on Friday mornings from 7:30-8:00 beginning October 2nd to complete RIGHT acts and RUN. If your child would like to participate, please send an email to kaseykuepfert@wsdr4.org that includes your child’s name and grade by September 25th. Once you have confirmed interest you will receive an email including our meeting schedule and official registration instructions. We hope that your child is interested in participating in this rewarding program with us!

Ms. Kasey Kuepfert & Ms. Kate McDevitt

A Friendship Adventure with Ronald McDonald

On Wednesday, September 9th, Ronald McDonald visited Heritage Primary. The program is centered on friendship and how we succeed when we work together and make a friend. During his exciting "magic rings" trick, Ronald continued to explain, "If we play together, we work together. It doesn't matter who scores the least or the most. Everybody at some point in time had to learn to swing safely, hold a pencil, as long as you work together you can become better. Something you learn today may become the thing you love to do tomorrow. And as a group you can do anything!"

Aden Barton was chosen from the crowd to help Ronald with a magic rope trick. As Aden tried to cut the rope to make the ends even, they would magically change size again! The point of the exercise was to show that we don't always do things right the first time. But we don't give up! We keep trying. And sometimes, we have to try harder and keep trying, and then we will learn something new.

We also learned about friends. When you invite them in to your circle, you learn that you like the same foods, games, and activities. We learned how to say friend in Spanish, French, and Italian to demonstrate how similar these words are - and how we really are more similar to others than we are different. This allowed Ronald to talk about how some people don't want us to succeed and they are called bullies. When you are picked on, it doesn't feel good. Ronald continued, "If I was being picked on, I would want someone to help me out." So, how do we take a bullies power away? You get a teacher involved! A bully will say you are tattling... But if you are helping someone, it is telling, not tattling. Owen Ginnever and Mrs. Keller were chosen to help with a hat trick called "Where is the bully?" He placed a green sticker inside the hat and mixed them all up. Owen had to pick the hat that had the sticker (he always picked the correct one) and Mrs. Keller had to try to do the same (she never picked the correct one). The purpose of the "trick" was to show that a bully may be hard for a teacher to identify because they won't show their unkind behavior when a teacher is present. No one gets bullied when they're friends. So, to have friends, you need to be a good friend.

The presentation was packed with character building insights and lots of laughter!