Mrs. Schettone's News!

February 1st-5th

Our Week in Review!

This week in Language Arts, we.....
  • learned about the vowel sound of short and long u! We read "Lucky Duck" and identified all short /u/ words found in the story! We then made a web of short /u/ words! We read "A Mule Named Sugar Cube" and identified all long /u/ words found in the story! We then made a web of long /u/ words! Students then rotated through short and long /u/ centers throughout the week!
  • learned about Groundhog Day! We read "Double Trouble Groundhog" and "Who Will See Their Shadow" and then we made a prediction as to if the groundhog would or would not see his shadow! On Groundhog Day, we watched a live stream of Punxatawny Phil being taken out of his den. He did not see his shadow, so spring will arrive sooner! We then checked our predictions! Students then rotated through Groundhog Centers including a Groundhog Puppet, a Groundhog Word Search, a Groundhog graphic organizer writing activity, and a Groundhog Day Emergent Reader.
  • had reading groups and literacy centers! (We will continue reading centers with our same books this week as we are starting to complete comprehension quizzes that accompany the books). Students rotated through literacy centers that focused on sight words, short and long u, and ipad/computer!
  • began our celebration of the 100th day! Students worked with Mrs. Schettone to complete a self portrait of what they would look like at 100 years old and a writing to explain what they would be doing when they were 100 years old! Students also completed a graphic organizer where they identified 100 things they would want to eat, what they would spend $100 on, what they wish they had 100 of, and what they could do 100 of!

This week in Math, we....

  • Began our study of Subtraction! In our workbooks, we completed lessons learning about subtraction stories, how to take away, and identifying and using the minus and equal sign!
  • Read "Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons!" Students drew their own Pete the Cat and identified how many buttons he had and how many popped off! Students then identified how many they had left over!
  • worked on a "Five Little Birds" Subtraction Riddle Booklet where students had to identify how many birds were in the picture and how many were left after one flew away!

This week in Social Studies/Science, we...

  • learned about Penguins! We read many fiction and non fiction books about Penguins!
  • Completed a Penguins Can, Have, Are Chart!
  • Completed a Penguin Diagram in our journals and wrote many characteristics and qualities that penguins have!
  • read a Scholastic News: Let's Find Out About Penguins! We then explored the online portal!
  • completed two experiments! We learned that blubber keeps penguins warm under their skin! Students completed an experiment where they felt the coldness of ice water on their bare hand. They then dried off their hands and wrapped a bag of blubber (shortening) and put their hand back in the water and observed that it kept their hand warm just like blubber! We also learned that penguins feathers are oily and greasy, so when they go in the water and get out, the water is resistant to their feathers. Students were then given a picture of a penguin and a black crayon. Students then colored the penguin with the black crayon pushing very hard to create a thick layer of wax. We then took a water dropper and dropped several drops of water on our penguins! We observed that the wax resisted the water, just like the oil and grease of a penguins feathers would!
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Week of February 8th-12th

  • Monday: 100th Day! Students will complete a variety of activities where they will be counting and showing 100!
  • Tuesday: STEP UP DAY! Kindergarten will travel up to 1st Grade to learn and complete several first grade activities that they have to look forward to next year!
  • Ronald McDonald Reading Show!
  • Reading/Literacy Centers and Vowel Pattern Review (short and long a, e, i, o, u) in Language Arts!
  • Continuation of Subtraction Unit and Subtraction Centers in Math!
  • Corey Thick Basketball Show!
  • Thursday: Valentine's Day! Students will be making a Love Monster Valentine Bag and having their Valentine Exchange! Students will sort and graph conversation hearts! Students will complete a web of four things that they love and write about them! We will read a Scholastic
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  • Monday is the 100th Day! Students should dress as though they are 100 years old and also remember to bring in their assigned item of 100 for our 100th day trail mix!
  • Tuesday is STEP UP Day! Students will be spending the morning in first grade learning about some fun activities they will be doing next year!
  • Thursday is our Valentine's Day celebration! Students should remember to bring in their valentines!
  • Thursday night is our Lemonciello Dining Night! We hope to see you there! Be sure to sign up through the Lemonciello sign up on Mr. Rodia's SMORE!
  • School is closed on Friday and Monday! Happy President's Day Weekend!
  • Friday, February 19th is the Father/Daughter/Gal Pal Dance! We hope to see you there!
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