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Follow these steps to login and update your device.

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Sign in to the laptop with your district username and password. It is important to connect to the district network before continuing to setup your device.

PERSONALIZING YOUR COMPUTER (This can be done off campus.)

Setting up your laptop is easier than ever this year. We've included detailed steps below, if you need them. Many of these applications will sign you in automatically as soon as your profile is complete on the device.

SPECIAL NOTE: Some of you may see a notification that your Office licensing needs to be updated. In this case, you can continue to use your online Office 365 applications, but the desktop applications will need to be updated from our network in district. (You can drive up to any district building and update from parking lot or wait until you return to campus.)

Signing Into Office Desktop Applications

1. Open Microsoft Word (click the Windows icon in the lower left corner and type "Word" - select Word 2016 from the list of programs.)

2. If asked, select Install Updates, click Accept.

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3. Click the Sign in to get the most out of Office link in the top right corner of the screen.
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4. Enter your district email address.

5. IF you are asked about multiple Microsoft accounts, be sure you select the Work or School account option.

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6. Enter your district/Office 365 password.

7. Verify that your name and correct email address now appears in the upper right corner of the Microsoft Word window.

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Setting Up Outlook 2016 (OPTIONAL: Desktop Application)

1. Search for Outlook (click the Windows icon in the lower left corner and type "Outlook" - select Outlook 2016 from the list of programs.)

2. You will see a window that says, "Welcome to Outlook 2016". Click Next.

3. The next window asks, "Do you want to setup Outlook to connect to an email account?" Select Yes and then click Next.

4. The next window will automatically populate with your name, email address, etc. Click Next.

5. The next window will start the configuration process.

6. One the configuration process completes, click Finish.

Syncing OneDrive Files

1. Open your preferred web browser and go to

2. Sign in with your district email address and password.

3. Click the OneDrive icon on your landing page or use the waffle (upper left corner) to click and go to OneDrive.

4. In OneDrive, click Sync.

5. The next window will say, "Getting ready to sync." The last sentence will have a link for "get the latest version of OneDrive." Click that link.

6. The download process will begin. Depending on your browser, you will find your download in the top right hand corner or bottom left hand corner of the screen.

7. Click the download.

8. The next window will say "Preparing OneDrive for first use."

9. Next, look in the bottom right corner of your desktop and click on the gray cloud icon. (You may have to click in your system tray to find the cloud.

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10. The next window says, "Setup OneDrive". Enter your email address.

11. On the next window, Select "Work or School".

12. The next window will ask for your password. Enter the same password you use for email. Click Sign In.

13. The next window will say, "This is your OneDrive folder", click Next.

14. The next window will say, "Sync your OneDrive files to this PC." Select the folders you would like synced to your computer. Click Next.

15. The next window will say, "Your OneDrive is ready for you." You can click "Open my OneDrive - Eagle Mountain - Saginaw ISD folder" to view your files and folders while they sync.

16. To access your OneDrive folder in the future, click the Windows Explorer icon in your taskbar.

17. You will see the OneDrive - Eagle Mountain - Saginaw ISD link in your left navigation window.

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Please join our New Hire Orientation Course at You'll learn details about the district, about the New Hire Orientation schedule, and resources to help you get started in EMS ISD.

The video walks you through accessing the course and joining our virtual sessions with Microsoft Teams. (Please excuse the references to next week ... New Hire is THIS week, August 4-6, 2020.)

New Hire Orientation Welcome