German Americans


Why did the germans come to the USA?

They came to the US so they can have religious freedom, freedom off choice, cheaper farm land in higher quantities, and better paid jobs. The reason why they wanted religious freedom because they believe that they cam believe what they want to believe,
for freedom of choice they didn't like it that the job they got was chosen for them. They
wanted there own jobs, the reason why they wanted cheaper farm land in higher quantities was because there wasn't enough extra land in Germany and the land was very expensive in the US there was more extra land and less money to pay for it for and they wanted better paid jobs because a lot of people in Germany were going poor and
didn't afford much


The Germans started the easter egg hunt and in steptember they start an Oktoberfest witch is a festval you can find in certain citys.



What you need

1 9 by thirteen inch pan

4 ounces of german chocolate

1/2 cup of water

a spoon

2 cups of flour

one tsp of baking soda

three egg whites

three egg yokes

1 cup of butter (two sticks)

3/4 cup of sugar

a mixer

mixing bowls

1 cup of milk

a microwave

an oven

How to make it

Step one place the chocolate in a bowl with with of water

step two microwave on high for thirty seconds\

step three stir the chocolate

step four microwave for another thirty seconds then stir it keep doing that till the chocolate is melted

step 5 in a separate combine flour and baking soda

step 6in a another seporate bowl place three egg whites in a bowl place the yokes in a seporate bowl

step 7 put the better and sugar and use an electric beater to mix it

step 8 now pour the melted chocolate gradually to the butter mixter

step 9 Gradually add the flour mixter and 1 cup of butter milk

step 10 add the egg yokes

step 11 beat the egg whites in a bowl till there fluffy

step 12 cobine all mixters in to one bowl

step 13 fold in the egg whites

step 14 pour the batter into a greased pan 15 pre heat the oven to 350 degrees F

step 15 bake it for 30 to 40 min or in till a tooth pick inserted comes out clean

3 Facts

17% of the US is part or all German
People who are 100% german have blond hair blue eyes pale skin tall body height big bones slender body type how many of those feature describe me
About 82'000'000 people are German