Great lakes


Kevin, Sanaa, Ethan, and Ella


How are the great lakes important to the Midwest?


We think the Great Lakes contributed to the Midwest States.

Kevin's notes

ships on the great lakes carry over 1 million pounds of cargo.

dozens of ships sail on the great lakes in a week.

A lot of ships carry coal, iron, and limestone.

Shipping is a big part of the great lakes.

ships usually travel about 12mph because they carry so much stuff.

Sanaa's notes

The Great Lakes is one of the U.S.'s largest and most popular recreation areas.

On the water sailing, boating, fishing, and jet skis. near the water people are running, walking, and cycling.

They have many parks and sandy beaches and cool breezes.sand dunes rise nearly 200 feet at Indiana dunes.

You can go fishing you can catch salmon, walleye, perch, and white fish.

Ethan's notes

Ella Note's

The first lighthouses were established in 1850 at Ft Niagra on Lake Ontario. By 1865 there were seven lighthouses on Lake Ontario, twelve on Lake Huron 26 on lake and 15 on Lake Michigan Superior. Lighthouses were very important because they warned ships of dangerous shores and reefs as they approached land. The Lighthouses safely guided the Boats into sheltered harbours. Many lighthouses are not easy to visit. They are of ten located out of the way and on the edge of rocky inland waters.

However, lighthouses on the Great lakes are popular tourist stops. 100 million tourists visit the Great lakes lighthouses each year. So lighthouses are are an impressive thing to see in central states.

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