Road To Revolution

By: Molly Vollbracht

Have you ever wondered what were some of the important events that lead up to the Revolutionary War? Well your in luck! In this Smore you will learn who King George III and John Adams were, what the Boston Massacre was, and who the Minutemen were.

King George III

King George III was a very important person in this time period. He was in a way, appart of all of the events before the Revolutionary War. King George III was the British Monarch, he assented the British throne in 1750. King George III also had a lot of power against the American colonies. Because of this, he was able to issue the Proclamation of 1763. This proclamation did not allow the colonists to settle anywhere beyond the Appalachian Mountains. This proclamation was placed to keep the peace between the colonist and natives. The King kept 10,000 soldiers in the colonies to enforce the proclamation (so the colonists wouldn't break the law.) It was very expensive to house 10,000 soldiers so King George III came up with a solution. The parliament decided to issue the Quarter Act. This act made the colonists house any of the soldiers that came to them. Because of this act, the colonists got really mad. This was the start to the Boston Massacre.

John Adams

John Adams was an important person in this time period in a couple of events. He was born on October 30,1735 in Quincy, Massachusetts. One of the important events John is apart of is the Boston Massacre. In the Boston Massacre, he was a lawer to the soldiers who shot their guns at the colonists. He believed that everyone deserves to have a fair trial. In court, he argued that the soldiers only fired their guns as only an act of self defence. Along with defending the british he suggested to the king that the parliament did not have a right to tax the colonists. As you can see, John Adams believed that everyone was equal and thought that everyone had a right to state what they thought was right.

The Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre was an event where the colonists didn't agree with the British and their kings choices, so they started to harm the British soldiers. As a result, the British soldiers decided to fire their guns at the colonists. The Boston Massacre in in the middle of all of these important events before the war. Before the war, there was the Boycotts and after was when the Committees of Congress were formed. The main people in this event was King George III and John Adams. King George III was a major part of the massacre. The reason why is that he is the one who set all of the laws against the colonists. Since the rules that the king put down were not in the colonists favor, the colonists reacted in a way that was not necessary. John Adams on the other hand, had something to do with the Boston Massacre after it happened. John Adams was a lawyer for the soldiers who shot their guns at the colonists in the massacre. Because of this, there was the consequence of trials, the colonists boycotting, and less colonists or soldiers in general.

The Minutemen

The Minutemen were a group of men that were able to fight, move quickly, and were able to assemble weapons very fast. The leader of this group was Captain john Parker. He was a big part of the Minutemen's success. The captain made sure that everyone was well prepared for battle. The first battle they fought was the battle of Lexington and Concord. This battle was between the Minutemen and the Red Coats. The Minutemen killed many of the Red Coats which boosted their confidence for the upcoming event.. The Revolutionary War.
In conclusion, all of these events and more were a big part of what lead up to the Revolutionary war. King George III was one of the main causes to a lot of these events. because of his decisions, the colonists became angry with the British king which led to the Boston Massacre. Soon after that, there was the battle of Lexington and Concord between the Minutemen and the Red Coats. Because of their training, the minutemen were successful which made them even more prepared for the war ahead.

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