The Roar Summer Reading Project

School Project.

Plot Diagram

Exposition:Mika thinks when she suddenly disappears and everyone thinks she died he thinks she did not die.

Rising Action:Mika is suffering because of his love for his sister Ellie that everyone thinks he is crazy.

Climax(Turning Point):There is a game called Pod Fighters and thinks the game will lead him to Ellie.

Falling Action:Mika beats lots of levels of the game with his partner.He senses his sister and knows she is where he is in the game but cant get to her.

Exposition:Mika gets to met his sister.

Character Analysis:Mika has a very interesting personality he loves his sister so much that he knows that his sister did not die.He plays a very important role in this story because he is the reason he finds his sister and figures out what is over the wall.He is also the Protagonist

Summary:Mika's sister disappears and he plays a game that might lead to her.He senses her when he is going up the levels of the game.He eventually gets to see here.But the people that made the game had another event and all the kids went to it but they were all captured to go to war.

Setting:Mika's sister suddenly disappears and everyone thinks she drowned but he thinks she was captured.

Author:Emma Clayton