Prezi- A New Kind of Presentation

How Prezi can transform your presentation from boring to fun


Prezi is a presentation tool that is cloud-based, non-linear, and free. Presentations can be easily shared through a hyperlink and can be made public or private. This engaging presentation tool is user-friendly and can be highly personalized.

A Few Reasons to Use Prezi


Though it is a simplistic presentation tool to begin to use, there might be a learning curve of a few hours to completely be able to utilize all features, especially if the user is not an experienced graphic designer. Prezi offers many more features than PowerPoint, but that means taking a little bit more time to understand what is available in order to utilize it all. Also, be cautious of using too many features or too quick of transitions between slides because that could make the presentation confusing and take away from the content being presented.

Click the link below to see for yourself how effective Prezi can be

About Lauren Berryhill

Lauren is a Master of Education in Higher Education student and an avid Prezi user. As a Career Counselor, she is tasked with finding new tools to present information to students that are engaging but also clearly convey important information. Prezi is a tool that can be successfully incorporated into the classroom, boardroom, or training room.