Bernie Sanders

Dan Collins

War on Drugs / Scheduling Substances

Bernie Sanders believes the current take on the War on Drugs is unsuccessful, drug-use should be taken care of through treatment, instead of punishment. It has destroyed peoples lives in the masses by the incarceration of non-violent users.

Bernie on Cannabis Legalization

Bernie also would like to take cannabis out of the controlled substances act, which makes it federally illegal. He voted for it to be legalized recreationally, in order to reduce jailing.

Gun Control

Bernie's Stance

Bernie Sanders has never supported the NRA, and does not plan on it. He believes people have the right to own guns, but with sensible regulations. Background checks should be more thorough, and psychological evaluations should be necessary before purchase. Also, he wants to ban the semi-automatic and gun show loophole.
Sanders has mixed views when it comes to gun rights and gun control. For example, he said, "Guns in Vermont are used for hunting, but in L.A. , are used for killing


"The U.S. is a nation of immigrants" - Bernie Sanders

Our country was built from immigrants, and Bernie's father was an immigrant himself. He plans on redirecting our attention away from a giant wall, and instead a secure border, and keeping border communities safe. He'd like to focus on reuniting families instead of destroying them and deporting immigrants. Inhumane deportation programs and private detention centers should not be legal.

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