The best country around :)

Why come here?

In MariaLandia there are many exciting things to do and see! In MariaLandia, you also have the freedom to spend your hard earned money the way you like while having to pay a small amount of taxes. What a deal! You can do what you want when you want, as long as it os within the guidelines of the law. Other than that, you are free!!

How exactly does the government work?

Our government is pretty liniment. Here in, MariaLandia, we have a market economy. Having a market economy means that the production of goods and services is based on the supply and demand of the people. The world revolves around you, how great!!

The Circular Flow Model of a Market Economy

What other benifits does MariaLandia posses?

FREEDOM! We can always assure that you have your freedom!!

What is the downside to living here?

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! Who wouldn't want to live in MariaLandia to have all the freedom in the entire universe. The only downside that has ever occurred is places going out of business, but that is only because people only buy and sell what they think can help others.

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MariaLandia is a great country to move to and invest in it. :)