what is it?

What the drug looks like

Caffeine, in it's pure form looks like a white powder that looks clean and it is found in many plants in its natural state. Some of these are cocoa pods, coffee beans and tea leaves.

How it is made

Caffeine is not man made but it is made by over 60 plants that are different including the coffee plant, guarana, yerba mate, and cacao. Also caffeine is a stimulant and I could be addictive.

The chemical composition

There are many types of chemical compositions that are inside caffeine witch are (trimethylxanthine ,coffeine ,theine ,mateine, guaranine, methyltheobromine) is a stimulant drug and mild diuretic. In pure form, caffeine is a white crystalline solid.

The effect on your body

The effect that caffeine has on our body would be an increase cardiovascular and nervous system activity.Caffeine is taken into the bloodstream very easily through the digestive path and can be available to your body in less than one hour after being consumed. The effects could be felt within short moments and could be felt through your body for few hours.

Why people use drugs

People use drugs to escape or smoothen a part of life that is hard stressing or annoying. sometimes people use different types of amounts to take care of their need. The bad thing of this would be that it could be addictive and many times lead to death or serious sicknesses.

Who uses drugs

The people that use drugs would be the people who think that if the media says its cool then they should do it too, they might want to fit in , maybe because their bored ,they want to rebel or because they want to experiment there are many more too.

Other names

Other names for caffeine are, Anhydrous Caffeine, Cafeina , Caféine Anhydre , Methylxanthine and Trimethylxanthine .

Where people get drugs

Many people get drugs out in the streets and very remote places of authority. There are many places where caffeine is available especially in the stores where they sell food. Caffeine is available everywhere.

what young people think of those who do drugs

Young people would think that people who do drugs are inmmoral and are addicted and are the enemies of society but in reality they end up being the same thing because a lot of young people have done drugs.

The laws for people underage

There are many laws but what is the most common is that your not allowed to consume drugs until you’re an adult until your 18 years of age.