Felt & Print

Contemporary felting and printing technic

23rd of May and 30th May, a celebration of Spring as we use leafs, flowers and natural elements to bring a felted scarf to life!

Today we will construct a "nuno" felted item, then take it to the garden, collect all natural elements to print our creations using a specific Technic that I have developed for this project.

You are also welcome to bring whatever you would like to print with!

Structure of the workshop

The workshop will begin at 10 o'clock, introductions, we will talk a bit about wool, felting and my new printing method. Then we will happily work till lunch time, after that we will resume work till 5 o'clock. At this time we will take a look at the work, take photos, have a tea and chat before saying our goodbyes.

For me as a teacher this the coolest part of the day, when the students go home with a smile and a beautiful piece proudly made by them.

If you are interested please confirm your presence by email.

The workshop will include materials.

Do not hesitate to contact me for more details, questions or suggestions.


Cancela, Santa Comba Dão, Tábua over the bridge towards Coimbra, take the second exit, S.Miguel / Cancela, at the T junction right, a little further than the petrol pump on the right side, you’ll see a big pink manner house, you are there! Left around the corner and park.

Coming from far away, no problem!

The head quarters of VOLUMEAtelier is situated in a beautiful manner house in the green central Portugal, so if you would like to come and stay all you have to do is ask.

Just contact me for more details!

30th May in Lisbon, Estoril

Promoted by Sarilho, at i'ts atelier in the area of Lisbon, Estoril.

I'm so trilled with the opportunity to finally be able to take this workshop to Lisbon, after so many requests for teaching in the Capital. Sarilho has a wonderful creative space to work in, and a great will to do! I'm sure it will be fabulous so come on...

Av. Do Lago, Letra A 2765-423, Estoril.

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