Texting and Talking in a Workplace

By:Malachi McClain

Doctor Office


In McClain's doctor office Tyre was talking and texting on his cell phone. He knows that i have a no cell phone policy and after the 3rd offense you get fired. Tyre insisted that he will disregard my cell phone policy and thought that it would be okay as long as i didnt catch him. Well he was wrong because early that day an employee had reported to me that Tyre was often using his phone. I didnt see it myself so i decided to wait until i saw it myself. Then i finally caught him myself he was trying to hide it so i asked him to put it away, the second time i told him that i gave him a fair warning and the next time he will be fired. Tyre was still determined to talk on the phone during work so i had to let him go.

Decision Making Process

Question & Answer

What is the ethical dilemma? The ethical dilemma is that i have a no cell phone policy and if Tyre get away with then others will soon think that its okay also.

What are the facts of the situation? The first fact is that on your 3rd offense you will be fired. The second fact is that he know i have a no cell phone policy because it causes distractions on a job.

What are the alternatives and the consequences? Tyre could have put away his phone the first time when i asked him to. Because of the fact that he insisted to do what he wanted to do caused him to lose his job.

Determine a course of action? As the boss i would have did the same thing simply because you gave him chances and then he went against your decision and still did what he wouldn't to do. I wouldn't fire him though i would just suspend him, but if this accident would have happened again then yes he will be fired.

Evaluate your decision? I think that this is the best solution because he will hopefully learn his lesson as well as the other employees. Overall i think that this is a win win situation.