LGPE Season

Large Group Performance Evaluations


I'm very excited to share with you some of the events we have coming up this semester. As you know Large Group Performance Evaluations are coming up, as well as our Pre-LGPE Concert. Information concerning both of these events is below. As this can be a rather busy season with a number of different components, please take some time to review it. And as always, let me know if you have any questions!


Nathan Schreer

Pre-LGPE Concert

Pre-LGPE Concert

Thursday, March 2nd, 7pm

123 Broad Street

Dacula, GA

The concert will be located in the Dacula Theater.

Students must check in before call-time.

Student Schedule

  • 5:45-6:00 Recommended Arrival Time
  • 6:00 Required Student Call-Time
  • 6:00-6:30 Student Rehearsal
  • 6:40 Doors Open
  • 7:00 Concert Begins
  • 8:30 Estimated end time

Large Group Performance Evaluations

Large Group Performance Evaluations (LGPE) is our opportunity to get formally evaluated as a chorus. The adjudication portion of LGPE takes roughly an hour: 20 minutes for warm-ups, 20 minutes to perform our prepared pieces, and then 20 minutes for sight reading. All three of these components are essential to a successful LGPE experience. Below is the information regarding the location of LGPE, as well as the schedule for Beginning women (1st Period) and Intermediate Women (3rd Period). Because this is an off-campus activity, field trip forms will be sent home in the next few weeks. Please keep an eye out for these forms and return them ASAP.

Larger Group Performance Evaluations

Tuesday, March 7th, 2pm

395 West Crogan Street

Lawrenceville, GA

LGPE is open to the public and parents are invited to attend. However, because of the strict performance schedule and adjudication requirements, it is very likely your student will not be able to greet you during the judging process. Please be respectful of these expectations as we work to make LGPE a successful event for all of our students.

Beginning Women Schedule

  • Students in 6th lunch will be dismissed early to eat
  • 12:30PM Depart for Lawrenceville UMC
  • 12:50PM Arrive at Lawrenceville UMC
  • 1:00PM Warm-up
  • 1:20PM Perform
  • 1:40PM Sight-Reading
  • 3:10PM Depart for Dacula HS
  • 3:30PM Arrive at Dacula HS

Intermediate Women Schedule

  • 1:30PM Depart for Lawrenceville UMC
  • 1:50PM Arrive at Lawrencvile UMC
  • 2:20PM Warm-Up
  • 2:40PM Perform
  • 3:00PM Sight Read
  • 4:40PM Depart for Dacula HS
  • 5:00PM Return to Dacula HS

Alternative Transportation Arrangements

As an extracurricular and academic class, LGPE is a required and graded activity as per GCPS policy. If however your student must be returned to school before our scheduled return time, it is possible for you to pick up your child directly from Lawrenceville UMC once their portion of LGPE has concluded. In order to ensure the safety of your children, all alternative transportation arrangements must be made in writing (or via email) no later than one week before LGPE. Any requests made after Tuesday, March 1st will be unable to be honored.

Dacula High School Chorus

The Dacula Choral Program is dedicated to helping each student grow vocally and musically by teaching superior vocal pedagogy, musicianship, choral skills, and rehearsal techniques. As always we thank you for your support and hope that your love of vocal music is nurtured and continues to grow.