Join Our Troop! No Cookies! No Raffles! No Kidding! :)

You, yes, YOU! can be a part of the coolest troop in town!

It's easy to be part of this troop! All you have to do is use new technology tools located on the Campus Technology web site with your students to create projects relating to your content area. After your students have finished the project, send me a few of your best to me, Ms. Lahey, so they can be highlighted on our Wiki on the Campus Technology web page. You will earn a badge for your sash located outside your doorway for each technology tool you use with your students. This even includes the E-instruction clickers and Google Apps for Education! If you want to use a tool that is not on the web page, then let me know and we can make it happen!


On December 20th, the teachers with at least 6 badges will earn a nifty CyberScouts shirt! It will even have a collar on it so we can wear it on Spirit Days! Although the design for the logo hasn't been created yet, it's sure to be cool, because cool people will be designing it :) It may even be a collector's item some day! AWESOME!

So how do I learn how to use these technology tools?

Trainings will be once a week after school beginning October 3rd with learning about Animoto. Complete the form located here: and sign up for it! All are invited, and I will rotate locations and days in the future. See the calendar on the Campus Technology web page. If you already have an idea you would like to work on, go for it!