Operation Torch

The first time the British and Americans had worked together

The British allied with America for the first time in 1942.

The British did not feel strong enough to attack Germany and France. American military was confident about a attacking and taking over the landing in France. The plan was to invade Sicily and then on to mainland Italy and move up Europe. By taking over this region would be great for ships to transport weapons and goods and also leave it more free for the Allies to use.

The Battle

Monday, June 30th 194 at 9pm to Tuesday, June 30th 1942 at 11pm

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Operation Torch was mainly and air battle. The three allied forces US Western, Central, and British Eastern all invade North Africa. As the troops slowly take over the land reinforcements come in from the east. One by one the american troops take over all the cities of North Africa.
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Who is involved?

During this time America's President was Franklin Roosevelt. Roosevelt's goal was to have an all-out invasion on North Africa. The general at this time was General George S. Patton. His troops would fire the first shots to start the war. On the other side in Germany, Hitler was in charge. The german general was Irwin Rommel. At this time he was just coming off a defeat at Al Alamein.