The Blackston Bulletin

The latest news and updates from our 5th grade classroom!

Upcoming Dates

Tues Feb 2 - $25 Deposit Due for Camp Greenville

Tues Feb. 2 - Biscuit Club

Tues Feb 9 - NEHS Meeting (pickup by 4 pm)

Fri Feb 12 - Exchange Valentines in Class

Mon Feb 15 - INSERVICE; President's Day

After School Clubs Begin This Week!

STUDENT of the WEEK - Kimberly Valentin-Mejia

Classroom Needs

Cough Drops

Baby Food Jars for Science (empty)

Dry Erase Markers Large Size

A huge thanks to Lauren James and JJ Reid for supplying our class with disinfectant wipes last week!

Fun Fact of the Week

Russia has a larger surface area than Pluto!

We munched on Cap'n Crunch last week, while completing a KAHOOT! on the Ipads.

Hunt Meadows Elementary School

Mrs. Blackston

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